What's on at Pegasus Art: Information on our art demonstrations, workshops, masterclasses, and regular art classes for adults and children. Welcome to our artistic community, you’ll find here details about our varied art classes and workshops that take place in Studio One, a fully equipped teaching space, from our talented regular Art Tutors and visiting distinguished artists.

All workshop and art class attendees receive 5% off in our lovely shop, next to Studio One. If you are joining us for a workshop, please bring a packed lunch as there is no café at Griffin Mill.

To book a space on a course or workshop, or to find out more information, please contact us.

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'Unravelling the Enigma of Oils' 3 Day Masterclass with Max Hale

22ND, 23RD & 24TH AUGUST 10am - 4pm

£160 - 3 Day Masterclass - All abilities welcome.

oil painting workshop with Max Hale

Whether you are a complete beginner or more accomplished artist, this three day Oil Masterclass is aimed at giving you an insight into building and developing a successful painting process resulting in vibrant and painterly pieces. Oil paint is sometimes seen as 'complex' to use and perhaps even daunting. The three-day course will teach foolproof skills and methods in order to dispel the myths and enigma surrounding this 'medium of the Masters'. So if you'd like to learn, re-learn, or re-visit the magic of oil painting this will fulfil that desire.

So from laying down a grounding or under-painting, drawing-out and blocking-in, how putting in 'darks' allows the light to be seen. To which brushes to use to get what result, and making marks for a painterly result. Which colours to use on your palette, how to mix and gain insight and knowledge into using oils in a positive and confident manner - the methodology and the process.

You will have the luxury of three days with Max Hale, award winning artist and very experienced teacher. He will share with you his love for this medium and how to use it without fear. In turn you can quiz him about all the tips and tricks that will turn you into a confident oil painter. Using a selection of different subjects drawn from photographs and still life and learn how to make your paintings vibrant and expressive.

In all of Max’s courses his main objective is to build confidence and bring your artistic aspirations in line with your newly found know-how.

All attendees receive 5% off in our shop adjacent to Studio One at Pegasus Art. Tea & coffee will be provided throughout the day. Please bring a packed lunch as there is no cafe in Griffin Mill Trading Estate.

lady using oil paint in art workshop oil paints hanging on display art demo max hale oil paint on palette max hale oil painting demo max hale
    Recommended Equipment List
  • At least two canvas or canvas boards typically 30 x 40cm
  • Traditional or water-mixable oil paints
  • Suggested minimum 8 colours – Titanium white, cadmium yellow medium or light, cadmium red, sap green, yellow ochre, cobalt blue, ultramarine, raw umber
  • Flat palette of your choice
  • Rag for wiping out
  • Diluents if traditional oil (thinner such as white spirit or 'Zest it')
  • Water pot if using water-mixable oils
  • A selection of photographs – they can include any subject matter you like!

Canvas Making Workshop with Chris Bingle - Professional Artist

SATURDAY 16th SEPTEMBER 10am - 1pm

£40 includes use of equipment, stretcher bars & canvas - take your canvas home!

"Learn to stretch canvas the professional way"

Five people maximum on this workshop, so we advice booking in advance.

Chris Bingle making a canvas stretcher frame canvas making class sitting around table canvas making workshop - close up

'Get a Grip: Colour Mixing With Acrylics' With Alexandra Darbyshire


£50 - All abilities welcome.

Have you found yourself frustrated or dis-empowered with the colours you’re struggling to paint with and want some light shed on the basics of colour mixing? Then this intensive one-day workshop can help you gain more knowledge and confidence to choose and combine colours with better results. Participants will learn the difference between organic/modern and inorganic/classical pigments, and how to achieve luminous transparent effects vs. vibrant opaque effects. Alexandra will also show ways of making browns and other earthy colours from primary paints.

Alexandra Darbyshire with lime painting in art workshop Alexandra Darbyshire colour mixing example

You can book direct with Alexandra by emailing

What to bring - please contact us for advice

'Landscapes in Ink & Charcoal for Scaredy Cats' with Kerry Phippen

Kerry phippen artist

SATURDAY 7th OCTOBER 10am - 3pm

£50 Studio One, Pegasus Art, Stroud, GL5 2AZ

An introduction to using ink and charcoal using landscapes as inspiration.

During this workshop we will be aiming to capture images of landscapes, trees, mountains and lakes. Working from photographs, we will learn to use inks and charcoal to evoke a sense of place.

We will be using beautiful inks and a variety of paper surfaces. There will be demonstrations and guidance throughout the day.

Kerry Phippen, MA and RWA & NOAC Major Drawing Prize Winner, is a practising artist, also working at Pegasus Art Shop. For more information, go to her website:

Ink and charcoal landscape by Kerry Phippen
    Recommended Equipment List
  • Two or three photographs or photocopies of landscapes you love
  • Black Indian Ink
  • Watercolour brush Round – Size 8 – 10
  • Watercolour paper 300gsm NOT
  • Plastic eraser
  • (Charcoal is provided)
  • Small sketchbook
  • Pencil 4B
  • Please bring a packed lunch as there is no café in Griffin Mill

Tea & Coffee is provided throughout the day.

All participants receive an extra 5% off in our extensive fine art materials shop.

Please book direct with Kerry by clicking the button below.

'Paint a Winter Mountain Landscape' with David Johnson

SATURDAY 14th OCTOBER 10am - 4pm

£50 All welcome - beginners to more experienced.

Paint winter mountain landscape with David Johnson

Join visiting artist and tutor, DJ, to paint a Winter Mountain Landscape in a day! DJ is a talented artist (shortlisted for Artist & Illustrator Artist of the Year 2016) and climber, and has a fascination for the mountains. This workshop will be taught through a series of demonstrations and one to one tuition, showing you a variety of techniques and methods for applying paint, including alternatives to brushes. We will study and play with colour, light and textures, allowing for individual creative expression.

DJ has developed his style through many years working in professional fine art studios – designing and producing artwork for commercial spaces, public areas and private estates around the world. He works as a freelance artist and also enjoys teaching classes and mural painting workshops in UK and Europe. We are delighted that he will be tutoring at Pegasus.

DJ will use Michael Harding and Winsor & Newton artist oils, but you can bring your own oil paints or acrylics. A recommended equipment list will be supplied upon booking.

For more information about DJ:

The Space Between The Clouds Looking Over The Snowdon Horseshoe - David Johnson Coniston Fells - David Johnson Yr Wyddfa - Snowdon with it's winter coat - David Johnson
    Recommended Equipment List
  • Canvas or something similar to paint on
  • Range of paints (Oil or Acrylic). Useful but not essential colours are - Titanium white, Yellow ochre, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, Dioxazine Purple and Raw Umber
  • A range of brushes and Palette knives

DJ will supply photographs of the mountain landscape and will also bring along some original paintings and limited edition prints for sale.

Art Sparks Spooky Half Term Kids Workshop

portrait of tam and liz from Art Sparks

MONDAY 23rd OCTOBER - 11.00am - 4.00pm

£40 with a £5 sibling discount

Mexican Day of the Dead & Drawing in the Dark!

Enjoy a Halloween inspired workshop with experienced local kids club leaders Liz Lancashire and Tam Inglis. Spend the morning creating your very own bejewelled Mexican Day of the Dead mask with a short break for lunch.

(Please bring your own packed lunch). After lunch we’ll play with shadows and torchlight and practice some drawing in the dark!

Fantastic themes which enable your children be creative and use their imagination.

Your children can return home and proudly present their creations!

Two children playing with clay at art club - Art Sparks Kids around table at art club painting - Art Sparks Mexican masks in a row at kids art club - Art Sparks Indian goddess drawing kids art club - Art Sparks

Book direct wtih Liz on 07407 115 043

'An Introduction to Oil Painting using Michael Harding Oil Paints' With Vicki Norman

Vicki Norman Oil Painting workshop

SATURDAY 4th NOVEMBER - 10.00am - 3.00pm


Join Vicki as she takes a relaxed, methodical approach to this versatile, traditional painting medium. There are many ways to use oil paint and we will learn how to apply, control and enjoy all of its capabilities. We will look at how to get started, what paints and equipment needed, and which colours to use.

Vicki Norman is an experienced and fully qualified tutor and an ambassador for Michael Harding Paints. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to experiment and learn about these spectacular, hand-made oil colours throughout the day.

Aimed at dispelling the many myths and misconceptions about using oils, this workshop is ideal for anyone who has always wanted to try oil painting but never knew where to begin.

Vicki Norman workshop - oil paintings - Thurne Mill Vicki Norman workshop - oil paintings - Autumn at Derwent Mill

Vicki will provide small samples of Michael Harding Oil Paints and there will be oil paper to purchase from Pegasus at the workshop.

    Recommended Equipment List
  • Oil paper (2/3 sheets) or purchase some at the workshop
  • A selection of brushes
  • Cloth for cleaning brushes / rags or kitchen roll
  • Jam jar with lid
  • Zest it / odourless turps
  • Small palette knife

'Portraits From Life' Oil Painting Workshop With Max Hale

Max Hale with an Oil Painting

SATURDAY 11th NOVEMBER - 10.00am - 4.00pm


Working from a live sitter, Max Hale will teach you how to paint a portrait from scratch. Whether you are a beginner, or more experienced artist, this workshop is ideal for those wanting to develop their technique, learn new skills and focus on painting.

There will be plenty of one to one tuition and you’ll benefit from a brief, introductory demonstration.

Max prefers to work in water based Cobra oil paints, but you are welcome to bring your own traditional oils and solvent. There are plenty of brands to choose from in our extensive art shop and we can offer you an additional 5% discount.

Tea and coffee will be provided throughout the day, but please bring your own packed lunch.

Please get in touch if you have any questions before the day. See below – we can provide prepared canvases, but they must be ordered in advance.

Max Hale running oil painting class with live model Max Hale's portrait of a lady called Evening Light
    Recommended Equipment List
  • Two canvases or canvas boards per day or alternatively oil paper at least 30 x 40 cm. Pegasus will have some primed and prepared 16” x 12” canvases and boards ready for this course – please order yours upon booking for a cost of £2.50.
  • Oil paint selection – here is a suggested basic palette: Titanium white, alizarin crimson or a madder lake, ultramarine, lemon yellow, raw umber. Also desirable and useful: cerulean, cobalt blue (hue), cadmium orange, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, sap green and yellow ochre. Your choice to add ivory black and zinc white.
  • Selection of brushes, both synthetic and hog. Each make different marks therefore it is good practice to have some of each. Flats in size 4, Synthetic in size 7, Filbert size 5 and Hog in size 10. NB: it is very important to use decent quality brushes.
  • A rag for wiping brushes, not tissue paper or kitchen roll
  • Water pot if using water-mixables or dilutants for traditional
  • Tear off palette, wooden or plastic flat to lay out and mix paint.

'Double Life Drawing Day Workshop' with Paul Fowler

THURSDAY 14TH DECEMBER - 9.30am – 4.30pm

All abilities welcome.

paul fowler drawing workshop

Join experienced tutor, Paul Fowler, for his Double Life Drawing day workshop. He runs a regular art class called ‘Extreme Poses’ during term times which features one model perched upon ropes and ribbons in our large, light filled studio. This is a rare chance to draw two models in unusual poses.

Life Drawing is one of the most challenging of all drawing disciplines, and two models will extend your skills one step further. Paul is a very experienced tutor and will guide you step by step to produce a really interesting piece of work. Places are filled fast, so please book ahead for this workshop.

paul fowler life drawing workshop paul fowler life drawing workshop

You can book direct on 07910 332245 /

'Painting Tree Landscapes' with Fiona McIntyre MA

SATURDAY 24TH FEBRUARY 2018 - 10.00am - 4.00pm

Acrylic ink, acrylic paint & collage. All abilities welcome. Opportunity to purchase signed copies of 'A Tree Within' at the end of the workshop (£25) Workshop price:£60

Fiona McIntyre painting trees workshops

Successive Romantic movements from the late 18th century to the present day have featured landscape painting as a subject in its own right, which often emerged at times of anxiety and troubled world events. These include the high Romantic era of the early nineteenth century, the Pre-Raphaelites, the Pastoral Etchers, Neo-Romantics and environmentally engaged contemporaries such as the Arborealists. Fiona has been drawing and painting trees and landscape for the last 30 years. As a member of the contemporary art movement Arborealists she is uniquely qualified to bring her skills, knowledge and passion for nature to this unique course.

The course will involve spending a day in the studio developing paintings and collage on large sheets of watercolour paper working from previous sketchbook material using a variety of coloured media and paint. We will NOT be working directly from photographs so it is important that sketches and drawings are made outdoors in advance of the course. I teach students in such a way that their minds are opened to new possibilities of 'seeing'. Once students are freed from unhelpful habits I encourage self-expression through experimentation of media and techniques.

Fiona McIntyre book 'A Tree Within'

There will also be the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of Fiona’s book, 'A Tree Within’ written with co-author Alan Wilkinson for £25. Read more about the book here.

About Fiona: Fiona McIntyre studied at Edinburgh College of Art, followed by Malmö and an M.A from Winchester. She is a figurative/landscape painter and member of the Arborealists with work represented in various public, corporate and private collections in the UK and Scandinavia. She is currently exhibiting in France at Dortoir des Moines de Saint-Benoit, Poitiers and in a major exhibition at Southampton City Art Gallery in - 'Capture the Castle, Turner to Le Brun'. She is co-author with Dr Alan Wilkinson of "Fiona McIntyre: A Tree Within", published 2016 (Sansom & Co) and recently gave an illustrated talk on her art for a book signing event at Waterstones, Gower Street.

Fiona McIntyre sketching in lady park under trees painting of yellow abstracted tree by Fiona McIntyre
    All students will need to bring in the following:
  • Sketchbooks and drawings
  • Photographs (purely as reference material)
  • Any leaves, bark or found objects from trees
  • A packed lunch – there is no café at Griffin Mill
    Recommended materials list supplied upon booking.

All workshop attendees receive an extra 5% off art materials from our extensive shop next to Studio One. The shop is open from 9am, so please do come before the workshop to purchase what you need.

For more information, please contact Pegasus Art.


All students who regularly attend a course will receive a 5% discount on purchases from Pegasus Art Shop.

Click here to view our Regular Art Classes PDF leaflet.

regular art classes 2017 leaflet


Watercolour Painting with Richard Callingham

Richard Callingham watercolour workshop

Learn how to paint with watercolours: simple techniques to gain confidence, colour mixing & palette, all about papers - inspiration and fun.

Richard Callingham is an experienced watercolourist, having taught at home and abroad for the past twenty years. "Watercolours are my passion. No other medium can give such a fresh and spontaneous effect."

The classes are designed to appeal to the beginner and uses a very simplified approach. More experienced watercolourists may also benefit from picking up a few tips! For your first lesson Richard will supply all the necessary equipment - he can advise you on what to purchase for future practice, and it needn't be expensive!

richard callingham in studio watercolour painting by richard callingham

Monday ongoing 10am - 12:15pm.

6 week course cost £96.

New term starts 9th January 2017 but you can join in anytime if there's space

Acrylic Painting Techniques with Alexandra Darbyshire

Alexandra Darbyshire Painting Class

This is a great eight week course for people with beginner to intermediate experience who want to learn about the wide spectrum of techniques possible with this versatile medium. Alexandra will give in-depth demonstrations, showing how to add acrylic “mediums” into paint colour mixtures to achieve desired effects, including luminous glazing, wet-in-wet blending, impasto (thick texture), and staining. Participants will begin the course working from a basic still life and eventually move on to their own source material and experiment with self-led projects if desired.Colour mixing and composition tips will also be covered during the six weeks.

Since 2001, Alexandra has been teaching acrylic painting to people with beginner, intermediate and advanced skills.

For more information and/or to sign up, contact: or phone 07772 706 285

Monday 1pm - 4pm.

Monday 18th September until Monday 13th November (except Monday 23rd October which is half term school holidays)

Cost £120 (does not include artist supplies).


Painting, Drawing, & Mixed Media with Sue Rae

Develop your skills & explore individual ways of working. Projects set each week using variety of materials and subject matter. Sue's course is designed for students who already have some experience but wish to develop skills and explore individual ways of working. There is an emphasis on drawing during the first few weeks, followed by an exploration of materials. Projects are set each week but students can also initiate their own project and choice of materials - with the guidance of Sue. You will be encouraged to keep sketchbooks.

Sue is an experienced artist who paints, used mixed media and draws regularly. She has exhibited in London and the South West of England in solo and group shows. Her paintings are about a sense of place. She used a variety of medium to explore subtlety and contrast of mark, translucency and density of colour.  Sue has taught for many years at Stroud College of Art as well as private classes, groups and 1:1 tutorials. Her ethos is to guide and encourage students to find their individual style and potential.

Tuesday 9:30am - 12:30pm.

6 weeks cost £85. 12 weeks cost £165.

New term starts 10th January 2017

Acrylic Painting for Beginners and Intermediates with Alexandra Darbyshire

Alexandra Darbyshire acrylic painting class - 3 paintings lemon, landscape and still life vase

This six week course is suited to individuals who have never painted before before, or have some experience, and are ready to expand their skills and confidence with acrylics. The versatility of acrylics allows participants to create fast drying artworks with water based paint, making it an ideal practise for adapting in a limited workspace of one’s own at home (such as a kitchen), with simple cleanup and no paint thinners or fumes.

Alexandra will introduce the painterly “wet-in-wet” technique commonly found in acrylic and oil painting, which involves spreading wet paint colours together on the canvas to create new colours together instead of pre-mixing every colour on a palette beforehand. Colour mixing, paint handling, helpful tips, and composition are covered, as well as advice on the various paint brands to choose from. Weekly exercises consist of simplified subject matter, so that students don’t get overwhelmed with too many elements.

Participants will be allowed to bring their own self-led projects and source material for the latter half of this course if desired. There will be a break on Tuesday October 24th for the school fall term break.

Tuesday afternoons 2pm - 4pm.

6 week course / cost £90.

Sept 19th - Oct 31st

To sign up or for more information, contact: M: 07772706285


Drawing Skills with Paul Fowler

Designed for anyone wishing to develop their drawing skills and suitable for all abilities, Paul uses a format to encourage and challenge. Each 6 week course has a set theme and uses a series of objects and references to inspire and surprise. One drawing is developed over the six sessions on a large sheet of paper. Each week drawings morph and develop as the new objects arrive giving students the freedom to incorporate imagination and experiment with a variety of drawing techniques.

Wednesday 9:15am - 12:15pm.

6 weeks cost £95.

New term starts 4th January 2017 but if space join in anytime

Drawing and Painting with Alison Vickery

Suitable for all levels of experience. Be inspired in this enjoyable, relaxed class to try different materials, media and techniques. Alison demonstrates techniques and creates a wonderful warm atmosphere in her classes.

Wednesday ongoing 1pm - 3:30pm.

6 weeks cost £90.

New term starts  January 2017 but if space join in anytime

After School Class - Drawing Skills for 8 - 12 year olds with Alison Vickery

Have fun and develop skills of observation, interpretation- let the imagination flow!

Wednesday ongoing 3:50pm - 4:50pm.

6 weeks cost £60.

New term starts January 2017 but if space join in anytime


'Extreme Poses' – Life Drawing with Paul Fowler

Continuation of this original format tutored by experienced artist and tutor Paul Fowler. With the use of climbing ropes the life model is posed off the ground creating interesting and challenging drawing opportunities. Suitable for the less experienced right through to professional artists. The afternoon session is long poses.

Choice of 3 Thursday groups:

9:30am - 12:30pm 6 weeks cost £130

1:30pm - 4:30pm 6 weeks cost £130

7pm - 9pm 6 weeks cost £90

Starts 5th January


'Developing Skills And Creativity In Painting' with Rob Collins MA RCA

With Rob’s encouragement and skill, find ways of painting that suit you individually in any medium. Rob has designed this course to appeal to anyone wishing to develop their painting skills whether your are a complete beginner or someone with experience working in isolation who needs guidance and motivation. As a serious professional artist and experienced tutor Rob is perfectly placed to encourage his students. He will set up a still life each week but expects many students to work from their own source material or on self motivated projects.

Friday 9am - 12pm - 7 weeks cost £1.

Friday 1pm - 4pm - 7 weeks cost £112.

New terms starts 6th January 2017. Join in anytime if there is space.