Somerset Paper

Somerset paper is endorsed by top artists and is considered to be the world’s finest printmaking paper. It is an elegant paper that works hard for you and is ideal for producing limited edition prints. The paper is wonderful to work with and impresses with its lightfastness rating of 7 on the Blue Wool Scale for all colours. Each sheet of paper has 4 deckle edges and can be used for pastel work, letterpress, etching, silk screen and other relief printing techniques. Somerset paper is available in satin white, satin soft white, soft white, buff and grey.

Somerset paper is made at St Cuthbert’s Mill, a stunning site in the Somerset countryside. Paper has been produced there for over 200 years and the mill boasts a team of highly skilled craftsmen who are passionate about the products they create. Traditional skills and techniques have been passed down the generations to create unrivalled expertise. The St Cuthbert’s Mill Craftsmen understand the science of paper and the small details than can affect the quality of the finished sheet. You are assured of the finest papers and the best results with Somerset!

Please note that our Somerset papers are subject to a minimum order of five sheets but you can mix and match papers to achieve the minimum order level. If you have any questions about this paper or your order then please do speak to our friendly team at Pegasus Art who will be happy to help you find exactly what you need.

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