Artist Easels

There are many different types of artist easels available, from sturdy studio easels to compact portable easels, and a variety of materials including beautiful beech and elm wood and strong but lightweight metal. Explore our collection of easels from great brands such as Mabef and Cappelletto and find your perfect fit.

Both beginner and experienced artists can find real benefit from using an easel while painting or drawing. Easels are adjustable so you can position your artwork at the right height or angle for you. Fed up of leaning over a painting on the floor or table? Then you can use an easel to give you better access to the artwork and keep your floor clear. Or perhaps you like working outside? Then portable easels can be the perfect solution to support your artwork plein air.

Easels have been a key part of artists' equipment for hundreds of years, not only for creating the artwork but also for displaying finished pieces. Although the core design of many easels has not changed a huge amount, there are now additional features and enhanced designs that make your creative experience that much easier and more efficient.

It is important to think about the size of your own studio or working space when choosing an artist easel as some are designed for use on table tops and some are designed to support larger canvas' in bigger studios. Here at Pegasus Art we offer a fantastic range of artist easels including H frame or studio easels, A frame easels, display, portable, tabletop and box easels. If your have any questions please feel free to contact our friendly team.

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