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Bruynzeel have been making high quality drawing tools for over 70 years now. They are deeply invested in the idea that drawing can and should be part of everyone's life from childhood through to adulthood. Bruynzeel's art supplies reflect this belief, as they make felt tip pens for kids of 5 years and older as well as high quality pencils that would be used by working artists.

Every step along the creative journey is just as important, whether you are a child learning to have fun with sketching, or an adult with many years of artistic experience. Bruynzeel is here to help you get as much fulfillment out of your artistic projects as possible. Pick up some pencils and felt tips today and you can begin to transform your sketchbook!

Bruynzeel Drawing Pencils

When you are sketching, you need some high grade pencils which you know you can rely upon to give you a range of textures and shades. Bruynzeel pencils have you covered with sets that go from medium soft up to hard. These variants will allow you to create all the tones that any good sketch needs. What's more, these pencils are made to be nice and strong so that you won't find them snapping just when you need them most. This strength is ensured by the extra strong, thick core.

High Quality Coloured Pencils

There are also plenty of Bruynzeel colour pencil sets. These are made from high quality pigments, and the wood has been sustainably sourced. Choose from compact sets of 12 or the full range of 45 pencils. We would also highly recommend you taking a look at what Bruynzeel's collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum has created. These coloured pencil sets come in a luxuriously illustrated tin case. This decorated case shows those iconic still life sunflowers, one of Van Gogh's masterpieces of post-impressionism. It is not just about the tin, though, as these doubled glued high quality pigment pencils are pretty impressive in themselves too. They are are extra long so that they are more long lasting, and they are easy to mix with one another. Take a look at the explosion of golden colours on the tin and let your inspiration run wild!

Vibrant Felt Tip Pens

As well as high quality pencils, you will also be able to pick up some vibrant Bruynzeel felt tip pen sets. The largest collection comes with 50 different colours. The water based ink will bring some bright, vivid tones to your page. Plus, if ink has smudged onto other fabric surfaces, then you can wash it off most textiles. For a bit of extra pizzazz, you can go for a mini set of glitter felt tips! These are also washable water based ink, and both the glitter and the standard felt tips are safe to use for children of 5 years and above, so they will be great for giving those school projects a bit of extra sparkle.

Bruynzeel Felt Tips Set of 50 Colours Bruynzeel Felt Tips Set of 50 Colours offer
1 in stock
BRUYNZEEL Kids Felt Tips Wallet 50 Colours Suitable for children from 5 years of age Good colour output Water-based Ink Washable from most textiles Gluten Free With the high quality Bruynzeel felt tips, you can make the most beautiful drawings and can colour the most beautiful colouring pages! If you haven't used the pens for a while and they have dried out a little, give them a second life by dip…
Bruynzeel Van Gogh Colour Pencils - Sunflowers Tin Set 12 Bruynzeel Van Gogh Colour Pencils - Sunflowers Tin Set 12 offer
Out of stock
Bruynzeel x Van Gogh Museum Colour Pencils Tin Set of 12 Coloured Pencils A luxurious storage tin with the iconic painting Sunflowers, one of Van Gogh's world-famous masterpieces. Van Gogh was one of the few artists to give the sunflower the leading role in various flower still life paintings. Compared to the traditional dark flower arrangements, his Sunflowers were an explosion of colour. Content…
Bruynzeel Glitter Felt Tip Pen Set 6 Bruynzeel Glitter Felt Tip Pen Set 6
5 in stock
Bruynzeel Kids Glitter Felt Pen Tips Set of 6 These Bruynzeel felt tip pens are perfect for creating beautiful glitter effects! Shake them before use and press the tip once, then you are ready to let your creativity run wild! The package contains 6 pens in brilliant colours. Suitable for children aged 5 and over. Characteristics: Good colour output - Beautiful on white and black paper.
Bruynzeel College Fabric Marker Set of 8 Pens - Textile Markers Bruynzeel College Fabric Marker Set of 8 Pens - Textile Markers new in
5 in stock
Bruynzeel College Fabric Marker Set of 8 coloured pens Textile Marker pens designed for students and children particularly. Decorate your own clothing, other fabrics, pen cases, canvas shoes etc Iron on the back once the ink has dried and you can wash your item according to the washing instructions Wash new fabrics before use Project furniture and clothing against stains whilst you design and make…
Bruynzeel Expression Graphic Pencil Tin Set of 6 Bruynzeel Expression Graphic Pencil Tin Set of 6 offer
Out of stock
BRUYNZEELExpression Graphite Pencils Tin 6 6 high quality graphite pencils with a strong, thick core ranging from 2.2 to 3.6 mm. Excellent graphite transfer and perfect balance of the pencil hardness. These high grade graphite pencils come in a selection of grades from medium soft to hard allowing the artist to create a varity of tones in their design drawings or sketches. Pencils included in tin:…
Bruynzeel Kingfisher Tin 12 Coloured Pencils - Hexagonal Shape Bruynzeel Kingfisher Tin 12 Coloured Pencils - Hexagonal Shape offer
5 in stock
BRUYNZEEL 12 Colour Pencils in tin - Kingfisher Design Hexagonal shaped colouring pencils for easy holding 2.9mm core Made with high quality pigments Good colour output, easy to mix with each other Easy to sharpen because of double glueing Gluten free Made with care from responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly wood The tin includes the following 12 colours: pink, red, orange, dark yellow, li…
Bruynzeel Turtle Tin Set of 45 Quality Colour Pencils Bruynzeel Turtle Tin Set of 45 Quality Colour Pencils offer
3 in stock
BRUYNZEEL Turtle Tin 45 Coloured Pencils Comprensive colour pencil set are perfect to give or receive as a gift. Colour pencils all have a strong 2.9mm core, double glued for strength Tried and tested Bruynzeel quality Gluten Free 45 different shades of the tried and trusted Bruynzeel quality colour pencils. The pencils are made of high quality pigments, which results in a nice colour output and m…


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