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Conté à Paris

Much of the ethos and inspiration behind Conté à Paris can be gleaned at through the remarkable figure of Nicolas Jacques Conté, founder of the company. Born in 1755, Conté was a skilled and ever-curious figure who had a passion for inventing and forging onwards with new and creative discoveries. Conté could count among his list of jobs and hobbies the titles of painter, chemist, physicist, hot air balloonist and inventor. Something of this lust for life and joy for the world and all its possibilities is fed through into the excellent range of Conté art supplies.

High Quality Art Supplies

Conté à Paris started in around 1794, when Conté developed the modern graphite lead out of a mixture of clay and graphite. This allowed there to be different grades of hardness for the first time. Over the decades, Conté à Paris have become one of the most respected and trusted names for their art supplies. Whether you are a long time professional artist, or you are starting out on your creative journey, Conté à Paris's supplies will be able to help you realise your goals and find your voice.

Conté à Paris Crayons

The colour crayons that Conté à Paris offer are made so that you can blend them together to make gorgeous visual effects. The edges can be used to make strong linear marks. They are great for setting down your initial ideas on the canvas, or for sketching on paper. As well as the edges being there for sharp lines and for fine details, you can also cover larger areas with the broader surface of the crayon.

Vivid Colours

Choose from a range of colours: if you are getting started with your crayon sketching, then you might want to check out the 12 crayon set which covers all the colours which you will need to get the ball rolling. You can then also explore the other ranges which will give you some refined creative options. Sets of 12 or 4 available offer beautiful maroons and browns as well as those white and black crayons which are always so useful.

Conte a Paris Equisse Sketching Crayons Set 12 Conte a Paris Equisse Sketching Crayons Set 12 offer
Out of stock
Equisse Sketching Carrés Set of 12 traditional sketching earth colours. 'Conte a Paris'. Sketching Carrés are developed to help the artists in creating free and vivid drawings. The sharp edges of the crayons make it possible to sketch fine details; the broad side will cover larger areas and shapes. Sketching Crayons, box with 12: Bistre, Sanguine Medicis, Sanguine Watteau, Sanguine 18th Century, S…
Conte Carres Crayons Matchbox Set Of 4  Conte Carres Crayons Matchbox Set Of 4
Out of stock
Esquisse Sketching Crayons set of 4 Conte Carres crayons in a matchbox. A handy and stylish small box with 4 assorted Conté à Paris Carrés Equisse crayons in a slide out compartment. Conte Carres crayons are made from a blend of natural pigments, kaolin clay and graphite. This set of 4 includes 1 of each Carrés crayons: Sanguine Black Bistre White This set has a wonderful mix of conte crayons, per…
Conte Colour Carres Assorted Set 12 Conte Colour Carres Assorted Set 12
3 in stock
Conte Colour Assorted Crayons Set of 12 Conte Crayons offer rich vivid colours that mix together nicely and can produce a range of effects. Their rich opacity makes them ideal for work on darker papers and their quality ensures the longevity of drawings. Each crayon is square in shape allowing you to use the edges to create strong linear marks.  The crayons are harder than soft pastels but do blen…


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