Da Vinci

We are pleased to bring you a comprehensive collection of fine Da Vinci brushes. With brushes for painting in acrylics, oils and watercolours, Da Vinci create the perfect choices for every artist. Choose from hog bristle, ox hair, sable, squirrel and synthetic brushes to suit your style.

About Da Vinci

Based in Bavaria, Germany, Da Vinci have been producing artists’ brushes since the nineteenth century. The company has always used the finest materials to create their brushes and now partner traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology to ensure that each and every brush is of superior quality.

Modern technology has enabled Da Vinci to develop slightly rough-textured, synthetic fibres, which mimic the characteristics of natural hairs. These are ideal for liquid as well as thicker colours in oil and acrylic painting. The brushes are available in a huge range of shapes, allowing each artist to express their creativity.

Da Vinci brushes feature long bristles which are secure in the ferule and offer enhanced elasticity, springiness and longevity. The premium nature of the brushes is only fully evident when you examine their construction!

Da Vinci Brushes at Pegasus Art

We have carefully selected an impressive collection of brushes from Da Vinci to feature in the Pegasus Art range. These include travel brushes, brushes for children, flat brushes and brushes for lettering. If you need help in choosing the perfect brushes for yourself or for an artist amongst your family and friends, please do speak to our friendly team.

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