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Cappelletto is an Italian brand renowned for the highest quality and craftsmanship of wooden easels and artist accessories. Our collection of Cappelletto easels and artist accessories features wooden display, table top, field and studio easels, sculpture trestles, sketch boxes and boards, and a selection of wooden palettes. Discover the Italian quality of Cappelletto at Pegasus Art.

About Cappelletto

Founded in 1976 in Italy by Antonio Cappelletto and run by the whole family, the business has grown over the years to extend its supply of superior products throughout Europe, into US and beyond. Now with over 39 years' experience under their belts, and still based in Italy, Cappelletto pride themselves on being a company that blends traditional methods with the latest innovation and technology.

The quality of Cappelletto products can be easily seen through the materials selected and the handcrafted precision in the woodwork. The Cappelletto easels and accessories are built with an understanding of an artist's needs and feature well thought out design and functionality in each piece. A joy to use in the studio or out and about!

Eco-Friendly Materials

Cappelletto are careful to be environmentally friendly where possible with their choice of materials and select the finest quality naturally seasoned beech wood because it is a strong and durable material, has a beautiful appearance and is biodegradable and recyclable too. The beech trees are sourced from areas which plant new trees to replenish the older ones that are being used.

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