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Artist Brush Accessories & Equipment

With any kind of artistic project, it is often those smaller pieces of the puzzle which become unsung heroes. While the paints and brushes are important tools for any artist, it is also those little things like brush cleaners, brush holders and water pots which are just as valuable day to day. We have a wide collection of top quality artist brush accessories in this range which will cover the bases for any artist, whether experienced or a passionate beginner.

Keep Brushes in Good Shape With Artist Brush Cleaner

There are a whole host of products here that will help you to wash your brush efficiently and effectively, so that its in the best shape possible the next time you use it. It is really important to clean your brush well, whether you are a professional or someone who paints for a hobby occasionally. Just a little bit of dried paint can lead to an unusable paint brush when it sets in and hardens or distorts the bristles. But, fear not: with the cleaning products that we have available, you will be able to make sure that your brushes are in pristine condition.

Get Organised With Artist Brush Holders

The brush holder is another one of those trusty companions for any artist, which all too often can get overlooked. It's good to have those paint brushes right there next to you, easily accessible and organised. The artist brush holders have been made so as to be as practical and long lasting as possible for any artist. Handy little holder slots will ensure that you can keep the brushes lined up in the way that is most useful for you.

The Essentials - Artist Water Pots & Paint Pots

Water pots and paint pots are also key accessories for anyone working with brushes and with paint. Gone are the days when you end up using any old cup or vessel for a purpose that it is not designed to carry out. Here, you'll be able to pick up some specially designed pots that can make things easier for you during your creative process. Helping to ensure there are less no spillages across your work surface of either paint or water. The artist paint pot and water pot designs designed with only the painter's experience in mind: easily dab your brush down into the water or paint, swivel the lid, and then get back to your creation taking shape in front of you.

Artist Brush Rolls & More

You must also take a look at the brush roll storage options available. Great for organising and protecting your collection while travelling or just in the studio. Once you have cleaned your brush, simply place the brush in the roll and then you can roll it up safely and securely. Many of these rolls are made out of materials which naturally allow air flow through, the brushes will dry easily, but they will do so in a safely stored and protected space. This means that they don't need to be left out in the open, but they will still dry just as effectively for the next session.

Jakar Non Spill Paint Pot - Water Pot Jakar Non Spill Paint Pot - Water Pot
1 in stock
This Non Spitt Paint Pot is made from strong, transparent plastic and can be used for water-based paints as well as a water pot. The Non Spill Lid fits securely and has a swivel mechanism for opening and closing the Paint Pot. Colours may vary. 10cm High 8 cm diametre
Da Vinci Brush Cleaning Soap - 85gm Round Metal Tin Da Vinci Brush Cleaning Soap - 85gm Round Metal Tin
2 in stock
Da Vinci Brush Cleaning Soap is supplied in a round metal tin and is very easy to use. This special brush cleaning soap cleans and maintains the brush head on the basis of vegetable oils. The oil in the soap keeps natural hair, bristles and synthetic fibres elastic and smooth through its reconditioning action. 85gm tin
Loxley Trio Water Pot Loxley Trio Water Pot
2 in stock
Trio Water Pot 42 x 85 x 95 mm This handy set of 3 water pots clip together to form the perfect water carrier for painting. Perfect for watercolour painting, you can keep water clean in the separate compartments. When you have finished painting, unclip the water pots from each other and the sections slot inside each other storage amd transportation. Trio Water Pot - ideal for painting outdoors and…
Water Pot - Foldable Clic & Go Water Pot - Foldable Clic & Go
5 in stock
Faber Castell Clic & Go Water Container : flower pot shaped when extended 9.5cm diameter top with 7cm diameter base. A useful artist accessory : a pot that folds in a sturdy rubber material, fill with water for acrylic painting, gouache painting, or watercolour painting, alternatively keep it folded and use as for collecting pencil shavings. The undulating wave shaped top allows for brushes to be…
Pegasus Art Supplies Brush Box - Bamboo With Sliding Top Pegasus Art Supplies Brush Box - Bamboo With Sliding Top
Out of stock
Brush Box storage box with sliding top manufactured in warm bamboo. Two small magnets in sliding lid stop brush box from opening when closed. Smaller brushes, pencils, watercolour paint tubes and art accessories will all fit in this attractive art storage box. Handy sliding top Varnished warm finish in Bamboo Wood External Size: 27 x 10.5 x 3cm Internal Depth: 17mm Material: Bamboo Wood
Loxley Brush Washer, Large, Sturdy, Stainless Steel Loxley Brush Washer, Large, Sturdy, Stainless Steel
Out of stock
Stainless Steel Brush Washer 140mm Diameter, 145mm Height Sturdy and strong this classic brush washer is designed to last a life time. Clean your brushes successfully. Use the overhead coiled spring to suspend your brushes by their handles over the base which holds your brush cleaning liquid.  The mesh at the base of the brush washer pot helps to dislodge thick paint. 145mm height 140mm diameter
Da Vinci Bamboo Art Brush Roll with Canvas Pockets Da Vinci Bamboo Art Brush Roll with Canvas Pockets
3 in stock
Bamboo Art Brush Roll. This is a quality product from the famous Da Vinci company. A sturdy, bamboo storage roll for small and large brushes. Strong canvas pockets to hold brushes safe. The advantage of a art brush roll made of bamboo is that air can penetrate to dry your brushes naturally. Measurements: 33cm Height 36cm Width 10 Cotton Pockets
Bamboo Brush Roll 36 x 34 cm Bamboo Brush Roll 36 x 34 cm
8 in stock
Jakar Brush Holder - Bamboo Roll Style with 10 muslim compartments to hold brushes This brush roll will hold long handled brushes up to 36cm (14") length.  Using a brush roll allows your brushes to dry naturally and safely Bamboo Brush Roll, a light, handy brush carry with ten cotton pockets and string tie.
Brush Sleeves Pack, Keep Perfect Brush Shapes Brush Sleeves Pack, Keep Perfect Brush Shapes
Out of stock
Da Vinci's innovation, keep your brushes to dry in their perfect shape Pack of 6 brush flexible storage brush sleeves in 2 sizes These flexible brush sleeves will always keep your brushes in perfect shape no matter if the brushes are drying after cleaning at home or while travelling.  The brush sleeves are reusable Application Put the brush sleeve at the end of the handle and then pull it up passi…
Brush Tube - Plastic Extending Brush Tube - Plastic Extending
3 in stock
Plastic Round Brush Tube - 25cm extends to 41cm Handy see through tube which prevents damage to brush hairs and is useful for carrying artist brushes.
Brush Tube Telescopic Extends 8 Brush Tube Telescopic Extends 8"-14"
3 in stock
Brush Storage Plastic Tube 2" Diameter 8" to 14" extendable telescopic - twist mechanism which firmly holds to required length. Clear strong plastic which makes it easy to see the brushes stored
Brush Washing Basin - Aluminium Brush Washing Basin - Aluminium
Out of stock
Aluminium Artist Brush Washer to make cleaning oil painting brushes easier. The spiral brush holder suspends brushes tightly so there is no crushing or deformity in the brush tip. Great for brushes of all sizes. Use the metal spiral arch to suspend your brushes in the solvent. At the base of the circular aluminium pot is a sieve which makes cleaning simpler. Useful for plein air.
Canvas Brush Roll Canvas Brush Roll
Out of stock
Canvas Brush Roll or Modelling Tools, Printmaking Tools, Pencils & Burnishers Made from good quality canvas fabric this roll has 12 pockets for storage of brushes.  The storage roll is also useful for modelling tools, pottery tools, printmaking tools, pencils and agate burnishers. With a strong 44cms twin tie cord for secure fixing.  The canvas roll has metal eyelets for hanging. Flat size open 56…
Canvas Brush Wrap - Storage For 22 Brushes Canvas Brush Wrap - Storage For 22 Brushes new in
1 in stock
Strong Brush Storage Cotton Wrap - Fits 22 Brushes If you like to have a lot of different brushes with you while painting, a Panart brush wrap is your ideal companion whether it be for traveling or to keep your brushes organised at home or in a studio. Material: 100% Cotton (high quality canvas) Size: 40cm x 34cm Usage: Holds 22 Assorted Brushes comfortably Key Features: - Top Open For Airflow - H…
Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner - 250ml Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner - 250ml
Out of stock
Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner - 250ml bottle Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner - Cleans and preserves natural or synthetic brushes. This brush cleaning fluid easily removes acrylic, oil or lacquer. Capable of removing dried paint thats years old.
Frisk Plastic Brush Case 33cm x 8cm Frisk Plastic Brush Case 33cm x 8cm new in
Out of stock
Frisk Plastic Brush Case for up to 5 brushes This is a secure method of keeping your brushes undamaged in transit or storage.  The protective case can hold up to five brushes.  There are two sets of sponge liners to fit your brushes safely into. Storage Box for Artist Brushes Dimensions: 33cm length; 8cm depth; 75cm width


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