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Code: PA1631-401

Zest It Oil Paint Dilutant & Brush Cleaner (Eco Solvent)

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Zest It is an solvent that is non-flammable and non-toxic. Zest It dilutant is an solvent alternative to white spirit and turpentine with a pleasant citrus smell. Multi-use, Zest It can be used as an oil paint thinner, mixed with linseed oil, as an ingredient in painting mediums and as a brush cleaner. You can use Zest-it it to thin oil paint, oil pastels and oil paint sticks or bars. It leaves no residue so is ideal on paper for blending Coloured pencils and pastels. It can be used for thinning or mixing with Wax for those who paint with wax or onto wax. It is very popular with Parchment craft artists for blending and painting. Mixed with oil paint it is excellent for staining wood either for Tole painting projects or picture frames. 125ml
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