Caligo Inks and Modifiers

If you are looking for a fine art printing ink that has the quality and consistency of an oil based but is easy to clean like a water based; then Caligo inks are a great choice for you! No solvents needed for these oil based printing inks as they can be washed with just soap and water. The Caligo Safe Wash Inks are available in etching or relief printing varieties and you can choose from a range of colours in either 250ml tubs or 75ml tubes to suit your needs.

These non-toxic printing inks have been tested and approved with the AP seal from ACMI (Arts & Creative Materials Institute) and are safe to use. Caligo is conscious of being environmentally friendly and makes sure that the pigments are free of toxic metal ingredients such as chrome or lead. The Caligo inks are made with a vegetable oil derived from flax and can be washed with just soap and water, so you can avoid harmful solvents in your printmaking process and get the best of both worlds for your artwork.

Caligo is a family owned independent business that has been running for over 30 years and uses it's knowledge and experience to create the Caligo inks from the light fast dry pigments all the way to the finished product. Their factory based in Wales uses a combination of traditional methods and contemporary technologies to produce the fantastic Caligo safe wash inks and other printmaking products that are supplied across the globe.

Caligo Safe Wash Inks

The Caligo Safe Wash Etching Inks are suitable for all intaglio printing and do not contain driers, where as the Caligo Safe Wash Relief Inks are suitable for a range of relief printing techniques including block printing and linocut and have less than 1% driers. As the Caligo inks are both oil based you can still use many modifiers as you would with traditional inks. To achieve a quicker drying rate Caligo suggest adding a little cobalt or manganese driers or use the Caligo Safe Wash Oil to thin your ink.

As part of the range of Caligo ink colours at Pegasus Art we offer the 3 process (primary) colours of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, alongside blacks and white inks and a range of alternative colours for your printmaking.

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