At Pegasus Art we showcase an extensive range of Faber-Castell pencils, pens, artist pens, graphite, and pastel sticks. You will discover a wonderful array of colours and incredible sets which give you every shade that you will ever need. Faber-Castell is a name you can rely on to deliver exceptional consistency and quality not to mention impressive value.

About Faber-Castell

Founded in 1761 at Stein near Nuremberg, Germany by cabinet maker Kaspar Faber, Faber-Castell has remained in the Faber family for eight generations. The company is one of the world's largest and oldest manufacturers of pens and pencils and currently operates 14 factories across the globe.

World's First Brand-Name Writing Implement

The business quickly met with success and opened branches in New York, London and Paris in the 19th century under the leadership of Kaspar’s ambitious grandson Lothar. He had stated that his aim was "to rise to the highest position by making the best that can be made anywhere in the world". Baron Lothar von Faber was responsible for transforming the humble pencil into the world‘s first brand-name writing implement. In 1900, Lothar’s granddaughter married into the Castell family and the business took the name Faber-Castell.

Today Faber-Castell produce a diverse range of pens and pencils with something suitable for everyone from children learning to draw to professional artists and illustrators.

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