There are varnishes for every application and we are here to advise if you have questions. Artist varnishes based on a solvent or mineral spirit are hardwearing and can be used over acrylic paints or oil paints. Acrylic varnishes are suitable for acrylic colour only. Nowadays both solvent and acrylic varnishes are often available in either gloss, satin or matt finishes and either in liquid form or easy to use spray aerosols.

Varnishing your artwork can help to protect it from dust and dirt and gives a painting a that finishing touch instead of housing the work behind glass. There are varnishes can be removed at a much later point, taking the dirt with it, and a new layer can be reapplied which keeps the painting looking as good new. It also means that paintings can be cleaned more easily and it unifies the artworks surface if this is desired.

We have a large selection of artist varnishes to suit your creative requirements from a range of popular brands including Atelier, Golden, Schmincke, Spectrum and more. Need more help, hints or tips for varnishing paintings then take a look at our guide for some handy advice.

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