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Conte a Paris Equisse Sketching Crayons Set 12 Conte a Paris Equisse Sketching Crayons Set 12 offer
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Equisse Sketching Carrés Set of 12 traditional sketching earth colours. 'Conte a Paris'. Sketching Carrés are developed to help the artists in creating free and vivid drawings. The sharp edges of the crayons make it possible to sketch fine details; the broad side will cover larger areas and shapes. Sketching Crayons, box with 12: Bistre, Sanguine Medicis, Sanguine Watteau, Sanguine 18th Century, S…
Conte Carres Crayons Matchbox Set Of 4  Conte Carres Crayons Matchbox Set Of 4
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Esquisse Sketching Crayons set of 4 Conte Carres crayons in a matchbox. A handy and stylish small box with 4 assorted Conté à Paris Carrés Equisse crayons in a slide out compartment. Conte Carres crayons are made from a blend of natural pigments, kaolin clay and graphite. This set of 4 includes 1 of each Carrés crayons: Sanguine Black Bistre White This set has a wonderful mix of conte crayons, per…
Conte Colour Carres Assorted Set 12 Conte Colour Carres Assorted Set 12
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Conte Colour Assorted Crayons Set of 12 Conte Crayons offer rich vivid colours that mix together nicely and can produce a range of effects. Their rich opacity makes them ideal for work on darker papers and their quality ensures the longevity of drawings. Each crayon is square in shape allowing you to use the edges to create strong linear marks.  The crayons are harder than soft pastels but do blen…
Rembrandt Carre Pastels Set 18 Rembrandt Carre Pastels Set 18
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Rembrandt Carre Pastels x 18 square shaped pastel conte sticks These extra fine Carre pastels are made using old traditional techniques from earth colours, greys, white and black.  The raw materials are the same as those used in the making of the wonderful Rembrandt soft pastels but applied in a different ratio.  You will find these Carre pastels harder and ideal for sketching and drawing High col…


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