Jo Sonja's® Products

This fine range of Jo Sonja's® products includes paints and mediums perfectly and combines traditional quality with new technologies to produce a colour system that gives artists the benefits of versatility and longevity.

Jo Sonja’s ® Decorative Painting System was developed by Jim Cobb (Director of Chroma) and the renowned folk artist, Jo Sonja Jansen. Both of these artists were seeking a new colour system that would enable them to work more creatively. The latest technology that Chroma had to offer and the knowledge of the artists were combined to create a system which enabled the decorative artist to take advantage of heritage techniques and to develop new techniques for the future. Jo Sonja’s ® soon found favour as many artists worldwide discovered the impressive qualities of the range.

The decorative paint has a beautiful, velvet matte finish associated with traditional gouache. Unlike gouache, they are water-resistant and will not chip or crack when cured. Excellent lightfastness. Safe, water-based and clean up easily with soap and water.

We are certainly delighted to showcase Jo Sonja’s® products here at Pegasus!

Jo Sonja's® Paint

Made from the finest quality, pure pigments, Jo Sonja’s ® artists colours offer the feel of traditional gouache. It is simple to achieve layered effects as the colours dry very quickly can be painted over. There is a wonderful opacity of colour and a velvet matte finish. The paints are ideal for the serious artists and are highly concentrated.

Jo Sonja's® Decorative Painting System

The outstanding paints in this range are partnered by a collection of mediums which enable artists to experiment with and to evolve unlimited techniques. Using Jo Sonja’s ® mediums, it is possible to apply paints to a variety of different surfaces including wood, metal, glass and textiles. The artist can also stencil, stamp and crackle or utilise many exciting faux finishes.

Jo Sonja's® Mediums

The collection of Jo Sonja's mediums gives artists even more potential to create the look they desire for their artwork. From retarders that can extend the drying time of paints or be used for an antiquing, to sealers and glazes, and even more specialised mediums for textiles or glass.

This exceptional range of paints and mediums fires the imagination and enables the accomplished artist to further develop their approach to their work. There are now limitless possibilities to be explored with the exceptional Jo Sonja’s ® range.

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