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Scratchboards & Tools

We have all the scratchboards and scratchboard tools that you might need to create drawings that closely resemble the effect normally associated with engraving and wood cutting. This art medium is perfect for coming up with highly detailed, textural and precise pieces of art. With our collection of inks, brushes, scratch knifes, wires, and the boards themselves, you will be able to pick up all the essentials to have fun with this highly effective and original medium.

Dynamic and Precise Drawings

Scratchboard art is quite rare in the sense that, unlike most forms of visual art where the artist is actively creating the boundaries, the shadows and the mid-tones, with scratchboard art, the artist is creating the highlights. By scraping off dark ink from the board, you are able to reveal the lighter colour below. This flip of the norm may seem simple, but it can have some dramatic effects, as it essentially means that figures and objects depicted will appear to come out of the dark background, thus instantly creating dynamism.

User-Friendly Medium

Alternatively, when you want to go for the wood cutting or engraving effect, then you can scrape away the majority of the ink so that the lines left are black-on-white rather than the other way around. This method was originally invented in the 1800s in Britain and France as an easily reproducible alternative to wood engraving. More lately, scratchboards have become a method of choice for some of the most exciting illustrators in the world of graphic novels. On top of that, scratchboards aren't always simply associated with reproducible artwork, as the medium also appears in the fine art world.

Scratchboard Supplies

If you want to get started, or if you are looking to stock up on some fresh supplies, then this is the place to be for your scratchboard needs. We have complete scratchboard tool kits, which are great packages to start with, or ideal as gifts for someone who you know would be interested in embarking on a scratchboard adventure. But then we also have individual tools, as well as boards and inks. In the assorted ink sets you'll find the standard black ink as well as a range of colours such as carmine red, blue, green, yellow and sepia.

Ampersand Scratchbord 1/8 Ampersand Scratchbord 1/8" - 3mm Panels
£11.55 - £14.62
2 in stock
Ampersand Scratchbord 1/8" (3mm) Panel Ampersand Scratchbord for scratch art. Have fun with these smooth, acid free, scratchboard panels coated with rich black indian ink over an absorbent kaolin clay panel. The art panels are strong and will not tear, crack or bend in any way. Scratch the black ink away to create amazing designs and pictures with the crisp white lines you will uncover. Scratchbor…
Scratchbord & Claybord Ink Set - 6 Assorted Colours Scratchbord & Claybord Ink Set - 6 Assorted Colours
Out of stock
Ampersand Scratchboard Ink Set with six x 14.7ml assorted primary colours. The Scratchbord Claybord Inks have a pigment base and are permanent, transparent and waterproof once dry. The set includes black indian ink which can be used to paint over scratch marks when you change your mind and need to amend your scratchboard art! Scratchbord/Claybord inks do not leave as much pigment residue when pain…
Scratchbord Fibre Brush Scratchbord Fibre Brush
9 in stock
Ampersand Scratchbord Fiber Brush Tool for drawing and markmaking in scratch art.  This useful art tool can be used like an eraser to soften crisp edges and to create gradual tonal values. Instructions: Complete erasion or to create highlights - apply lots of pressure to the fibre brush Subtle Shading - apply less pressure and remove pigment gently Natural Looking Highlights - Vary your degree of…
Scratchbord Line Tool Scratchbord Line Tool
Out of stock
Ampersand Scratchbord line tool with five fine lines.  This wonderful expressive line tool creates five parallel lines at the same time making this particularly impressive for creating filaments when scratch drawing animals and hair.  Crosshatching, highlighting and sofening of sharp details is faster with this line tool. Instructions: Precise Cutting and Highlighting - the even parallet wires mak…
Scratchbord Scratch Knife and Nib Scratchbord Scratch Knife and Nib
5 in stock
Ampersand Scratchbord Knives - Set of 2 different blades - Recommended when you are starting out with scratch art. Excellent for markmaking each scratchboard knife creates a different line, one is fine and the other a curved nib.The fine nib will create details and the curved nib will create wider, more pronounced lines.  Techniques: Scumble & Stipple - using short, random strokes you can create l…
Scratchbord Tool Kit - Complete Set Of Art Tools Scratchbord Tool Kit - Complete Set Of Art Tools
Out of stock
Ampersand Scratchbord Tool Kit:  A complete set of scratchboard tools, everything you need for scratch art.  Set includes Wire Brush, Scratch Knife x 2 nibs, Line Tool, Fibre Brush and Oil Free Steel Wool. Included: Wire Brush: for convincing hair, fur, grass and random mark making Scratch Knife: Fine nib for detail, Curved nib for wider lines Line Tool: Five precise parallel lines at the same tim…
Scratchbord Wire Brush Scratchbord Wire Brush
5 in stock
Ampersand Scratchbord Wire Brush for use on scratch boards clay boards and other fine art surfaces. This scratchboard wire brush creates more painterly loose marks for random textures in your scratch art.The curved stainless steel wires are perfect for random patterns. Instructions: Animal Fur - use curved overlapping strokes and convincing fur will appear but remember to follow the direction in w…


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