First established in 1855 in Nuremberg, Stabilo experienced almost immediate success. Renowned for innovations including the first indelible pencil, the company has always enjoyed an outstanding reputation. In the 1950’s Stabilo launched CarbOthello pastel pencils for artists and art drawing and these versatile pencils remain extremely popular to this day.

Distinctive Pastel Pencils

With a larger lead size than Faber Castell pencils, CarbOthello pastel pencils are distinctive. They are also softer and more painterly than Faber pastels whilst boasting a high pigment content and exceptional luminosity. You can expect excellent coverage, lightfastness and brilliance. The pencils are the perfect choice for blending and smudging. For more detailed work, simply sharpen the points.

High Quality Individuals or Sets

We are delighted to showcase the highly regarded CarbOthello pencils here at Pegasus Art. You are able to order the pencils individually or in sets of up to 48 colours. So, whether you are missing just a few shades or wish to invest in a comprehensive collection, you will find exactly what you need. These high-quality yet affordable pastel pencils represent a fine investment and are sure to serve you well.

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