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Craft Kits For Kids

We have some excellent craft sets for kids here for you to take a look at. If you are hunting for a gift for a little one who is always expressing their creative side, then these craft kits are certainly going to be well worth considering. Presents for kids are best when they are both fun and rewarding. These two elements are just what these craft kits combine. Children will be able to have a great time using them, whilst also beinge able to practice and improve their creative skills. These, in turn, have the knock-on effect of improving your children's cognitive ability, as well as co-ordination. Win-win we think!

Craft Kits - Fun & Rewarding

But it is not all about learning; it is also about the pure joy that can be got out of creativity! This is certainly central to all these wonderful craft kits. They have been made to be easy to understand and intuitive to use. Kids will be able to make use of them straight out of the box and get onto the business of crafting and creating. There is a wide range of styles represented in this craft kit collection, so kids will have the opportunity to learn and hone lots of different skills.

All in One Craft Sets

Take a look through this collection and you will see that there is everything from calligraphy to marbling to clay to collage and beyond! You will also find some really fun dough modelling sets. The great thing with all these sets is that they come with all the essentials that kids will need to get going, so you won't need to buy yourself any extra tools or materials. As well as all the tools for the job, these sets will also come with instructions so that you all know how best to proceed.

Cultivating a Passion for Art & Craft

A passion for art and craft is a wonderful thing. At an early age, craft kits for kids such as these can act as the building blocks for a life-long interest. Whether it becomes a professional pursuit or remains a hobby, it can be such an important part of life. These sets have been put together to ensure that this early passion is cultivated in the most rewarding of ways.

Calli Creation Craft Set - Calligraphy Card, Tags, Sealing Wax Calli Creation Craft Set - Calligraphy Card, Tags, Sealing Wax
2 in stock
Calli Creation Writing and Wax Sealing Set This set has everything you need to create beautiful writing and wax sealed projects for every occasion. Delight your friends and family with hand-made and personalised wrapping, cards and tags. The set includes: Leaflet with easy-to-follow calligraphy instructions and creative ideas 5 Callicreative Italic Markers: Green, Purple, Pink, Turquoise, Black 1…
Marbling Kit for Fabric & Paper Marbling Kit for Fabric & Paper
Out of stock
Jacquard Marbling Kit for Fabric and Paper - 6 Colours The ancient art of paper marbling has historically been associated with the book arts. The technique involves floating paints on the surface of a gel-like medium (known as the “marbling size”) and then transferring this floating design onto paper or fabric. Use this traditional technique to make your own patterned fabric, one-of-a-kind wrappin…
DAS Junior Art Lab Jungle Friends Clay Set DAS Junior Art Lab Jungle Friends Clay Set
4 in stock
DAS Modelling Clay Set - Jungle Friends Recommended for ages 5+ This Junior Art Lab Set by DAS contains everything a young artist could want to have fun making Jungle characters out of DAS modelling clay. Your child can either follow along with the easy trated guide to make animals or make something unique and imaginative.  Combine clay and use the tools provided which are safe for youngsters to u…
Giotto Art Lab Funny Collage Set Assortment Giotto Art Lab Funny Collage Set Assortment
2 in stock
Put together fun and imagination with GIOTTO ART LAB FUNNY COLLAGE. Create and play with the new super-creative line GIOTTO: ART LAB Paper&Colors. With the FUNNY COLLAGE Set you can make pop-up whales, carnivorous plants and puppets thanks to the Giotto Kids album with coloured card, poster paints, glue, brush and small scissors and the creative book. Creating magical worlds and scenes has never b…
Pebeo Marbling Effect Paint Set 6x20ml Pebeo Marbling Effect Paint Set 6x20ml
1 in stock
Pebeo Marbling Effect Paint Kit The Pebeo Marbling range can create a beautiful marbled pattern on light fabrics paper wood and plaster when used with Pebeo Marbling Bath agent. Prepare a Marbling bath - you will need Marbling Bath thickener mixed in 1 litre of cold water. Mix and allow to stand for at least 2 hours. After this time spread the gel 1 to 2 cm thick into a flat tray larger than the o…
Giotto BeBe Play Dough Farm Bucket Giotto BeBe Play Dough Farm Bucket
3 in stock
Giotto BeBe Play Dough Farm Bucket Set Ideal for Children 2 years + Have fun shaping, moulding and creating in complete safety with this Giotto Be-Be modelling dough set, packed in a re-usable strong buck with child friendly handle. 8 x 50g moulding play dough assorted colours 2 x moulding animal shapes 1 x strong round rolling pin 1 x double ended shaping tool Dermatoligically tested Made with na…
Giotto BeBe Soft Modelling Dough Kit Giotto BeBe Soft Modelling Dough Kit
Out of stock
Giotto BeBe Super Soft Modelling Dough Set  for 2+ Children Natural ingredients in this colourful modelling doughs, dematologically tested and will not stain clothes. Wonderful for helping your child's manual skills.  Just leave to dry then brush off. Ideal for the very young, recommended for 2 years + Super soft & does not stain. Dermatolologically tested Pack Includes: 3 x 100g Soft Dough, yello…


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