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At Pegasus Art we work hard to bring you a premium collection of artist’s supplies sourced from across the globe. We are sure that you will enjoy our unrivalled collection of paints, papers, canvases and stretcher bars and our range also features an extensive selection of brushes, easels, art boxes and portfolios.

Three premier brush making companies are at the heart of our paint brush collection. We have chosen Da Vinci for their wonderful sable and mixed filament brushes and C. Robertson & Co for their renowned green and maroon handled quality hog brushes. Pro Arte also feature for their highly specialist knowledge in the field and their great success with synthetic brushes. In addition we offer brushes for specialist work from further suppliers including Handover for ceramic rigger brushes and Lukas for their excellent priming brushes.

If you don’t find the brushes you need here on our site then please do contact our friendly team by email because at our beautiful Griffin Mill store we have further stock and we just might have what you are looking for.

We have several different forms of easel for you to choose from. If your work is large and you are working indoors a studio easel (H frame) would probably suit you best. Our portable easels are perfect for working outside, attending art clubs and for travelling as they are lightweight and easily folded away. Box easels are also straightforward to carry around as they generally have a shoulder strap and/or carrying handle and you can keep your paint and equipment all in one place.

A frame easels (lyre easels), which have 3 legs and an A shape to the front, are a versatile choice as they are adjustable and can be folded away but they do require a good ceiling height when fully raised. Table top easels are perfect for working at home or at art clubs and can also be used to display your work.

If you require a portfolio then we have just what you are looking for! Our student and professional portfolios and cases are by Pegasus Art and Mapac and you will also find Artsafe professional display sleeves in our collection.

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