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At Pegasus Art we are delighted to offer a fine collection of print making sets. Each set has been carefully designed to aid both amateur and professional artists to print their original designs. We have chosen our printmaking sets from the leading brands which are your assurance of the finest quality. Printing sets from Daler Rowney, Schmincke, Inktense and Derwent are also fabulous gifts for artistic friends and family.

The Daler Rowney Screen Printing Set includes everything that you might need to print your designs. Perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike, this set is reusable and includes a great guide to successful printing. It also features a wooden frame with mesh squeegee, System 3 acrylic colours, printing mediums, removable screen block and screen drawing fluid.

Our Lino Cutting and Printing Set is a comprehensive kit that gives you an excellent selection of tools and materials which will enable you to experiment with artisan techniques. You can compare the more traditional lino with newer Softcut materials to bring new and exciting possibilities to your work. This is a fun and educational set which anyone can enjoy and is perfect for making greetings cards and posters.

The Pegasus Art range also features the Schmincke Linoprint Ink Set which gives you block printing inks in five basic colours. These intense and lightfast colours can be used for block printing, relief printing and lino block printing.

We are confident that these wonderful sets will open up many new and exciting possibilities. If you are unsure which would best suit your needs then please do speak to our team who can help you find exactly what you need.

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