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Acrylic & Oil Painting Paper Sheets

At Pegasus Art our extensive range of art paper includes acrylic and oil painting paper sheets and boards that will certainly serve you well. These papers and boards are specifically designed for use with either acrylic or oil paints and will save you the time of preparing and priming other types of paper.

Hassle Free Option - Dedicated Oil & Acrylic Paper

It is possible to sketch and paint in oils on paper. However, even heavyweight watercolour papers require some preparation if you are using oils. Oil paints and the paint media like solvents have a lower surface tension than water based paints. If the paper you use is not sufficiently primed the oils are absorbed immediately into the paper. This can result in a halo effect around the pigment. After some time has elapsed the paint or media can bleed through the paper. You can prime watercolour papers for use with oils and they may also require stretching but proprietary oil painting paper is a hassle free option that will save you time and produce excellent results.

Quality Paper from Top Brands

Arches Oil Painting Paper is 100% cotton paper which is ready to use oil paint on without priming or surface preparation. The built in oil barrier absorbs solvents and binders whilst allowing the pigments to adhere effectively to the surface.

Clairfontaine Oil Painting Linen Texture Paper is supplied in large sheets which can be cut to size. Linen is a great alternative to canvas and provides an excellent surface to bond with oils. This paper is made using waterproof additives which ensures that it is impermeable to oils and solvents but still provides colour adhesion to the surface. The grain is similar to primed canvas but this paper is more economical to use and is ideal for travelling.

Min Order 5 Sheets - Mix & Match

Please note that our sheet paper is subject to minimum order quantities due to the costs of secure packaging. The details of the requirements can be found in the individual product listings but for your convenience many of our papers can be mixed and matched to achieve the quantities required.

Arches Oil Paper Sheets For Oil Painting 300gsm 56x76cm Arches Oil Paper Sheets For Oil Painting 300gsm 56x76cm minimum order 5
Out of stock
Arches Oil Painting Papers are medium weight 140lbs/300gsm, easy to store and frame. Recently developed this quality 100% cotton paper provides the Oil Painter with a paper surface which is ready to paint on without any surface preparation and no priming necessary. MINIMUM ORDER OF 5 SHEETS BECAUSE OF PACKING RESTRICTIONS - YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH WITH OTHER LARGE SHEET PAPERS OF THE SAME SIZE TO AC…
Clairefontaine Linen Paper Sheets For Oil Painting Clairefontaine Linen Paper Sheets For Oil Painting minimum order 5
16 in stock
Clairefontaine Special Paper for Oil Painting 240g 50x65cm MINIMUM ORDER OF 5 SHEETS - CAN MIX AND MATCH WITH OTHER LARGE SHEET PAPERS Oil Paint on Paper Linen textured paper for oil painting is provided by Clairefontaine in large sheets which can be used complete or can easily be cut to size. This painting paper sheet is an easy to use textured paper pad for oil paint. The linen texture is an ide…
Yupo Painting Paper 110gsm - Watercolours & Acrylic Paints Yupo Painting Paper 110gsm - Watercolours & Acrylic Paints minimum order 5
Yupo Paper 110gsm - Painting Paper - this new surface for watercolour paint and acrylic paint has been recommended to us by artists.  Smooth and lightweight you can wipe off your paint to reveal the white surface, scratch away when dry, blend and merge colours in a most exciting way. This paper is also popular with printmakers who use it as a stencil for screen printing. Yupo is a smooth, syntheti…


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