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There is such an exciting array of drawing media to explore in order to release your creative potential and to exploit the beauty of words, images, colour and texture. At Pegasus Art we feature a fabulous range of pens, pencils, pastels, charcoal, art bars, art blocks and useful accessories for student and professional artists, graphic designers, illustrators and calligraphers.

Perfect Pastels

Pastels are a unique medium whereby artists paint directly onto the paper and mix colours by overlaying or blending them using their finger, blending tools or a brush rather than on a palette. There are various types of pastels; oil pastels, soft pastels and hard pastels all supplied and available at Pegasus Art in sets or as individual pieces.

We have chosen our range of pastels and pastel pencils from the finest manufacturers including Faber-Castell, Rembrandt, Sennelier, Unison and Caran D’Ache, each with their own unique characteristics. Soft pastels are a fabulous choice with literally hundreds of colours available here at Pegasus. They produce a wonderful, smooth texture and are easy to blend. Fixative sprays should be sprayed on finished paintings for longevity.

Hard pastels are tougher but keep the same rich, creamy pigments needed for superior blending and shading. They are less expensive than soft pastels. Firm in consistency, these pastels can be used to produce broad, flat areas of colour and detailed line work with equal success.

Oil pastels are one of the most versatile art mediums you can use. Very different results can be achieved with a variety of techniques.

Pens and Pencils

Do explore our comprehensive collection of drawing, coloured, watercolour and mechanical pencils together with our brush, drawing calligraphy and sketching pens. All have been selected from leading specialists including Stabilo, Derwent, Staedtler, Fila and Pentel. Particular highlights are the superlative brush pens from Faber-Castell which are firm favourites with graphic artists and illustrators. Also the Rotring ArtPens which are outstanding tools for sketching, drawing and calligraphy.

More Highlights

Derwent Inktense water soluble blocks are extremely versatile and bring an extraordinary sense of freedom and colour to your work with vibrant strokes of ink-like colour on wet papers or on fabric. Derwent’s new Artbar is a water-soluble wax bar perfect for creating bold expressive marks and building up texture. The high wax content gives the Artbar a very smooth consistency and its unique triangular shape means you can make many more distinctive marks than you can with a traditional round block. Used dry or wet, Artbars open up a world of expression and stunning opaque colour.

Our collection is completed by an extensive selection of charcoal, inks, crayons, sharpeners and erasers, indeed everything you need and more is available right here at Pegasus.

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