C Roberson & Co

The C Roberson art supplies range features fine primers, glazes, metallic leaf and brushes. Primers include gesso primer, acrylic primer and oil primer. You will discover a variety of glazes and varnishes and the highest quality bristle brushes, hog bristle brushes (probably the best bristle brushes you can buy) and reed pens. Aluminium leaf, copper leaf and imitation gold leaf complete the range.

C Roberson & Co is a supplier of artists’ materials and a company which boasts an interesting history. The business began in 1810 and was originally based in Long Acre, Covent Garden. C Roberson prepared its own paints and also manufactured a wide variety of materials and all to recipes which were closely guarded secrets. Many of these recipes are still used to day. Leading artists and designers were loyal customers and these included Turner, Whistler, Sargent and William Morris. Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill were also regular clients.

Today C Roberson & Co is based in Holloway, North London and continues to produce an impressive range of fine art materials. Many of the products are made to the 19th century recipes. We are proud to offer several products from the C Roberson range here at Pegasus Art and we are confident that these tried and tested materials will serve you well whether you are a beginner or a professional artist.

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