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Here at Pegasus Art we stock a range of great art books to help you learn to draw, improve your painting skills or simply pass the time through colouring. Having a great art book to hand will help to guide you through a more difficult area of your artwork, refresh your memory on subject or skill and even offer inspiration and tips of developing your creative skills.

Find art books for learning about using different mediums such as drawing, watercolour, acrylic, oil and even printing. If you are just starting out with a particular medium or are looking to enhance your technique then these books are a valuable resource. They would also make great gifts for a budding artist.

If you would like to learn how to draw or paint particular subjects then within our art book collection you will find just the right guide. How about learning to draw horses, landscapes in watercolour or even botanical painting? There are step by step books and art handbooks to cover a wide range of topics.

Adult colouring books are wonderful for those that love to doodle or enjoy colouring as a way to relax. There is something soothing about selecting your colours and creating something beautiful amongst the lines. It also offers us respite from computer screens which we are all too often in front of. These colouring books are certainly not for kids, they have intricate designs and stunning detail on offer from floral outlines and vintage patterns to strange creatures.

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