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Explore a wonderful selection of papers from The Japanese Paper Place including highly decorative patterned papers that could be artworks in their own right, tissues papers, paper packs, shoji paper and a variety of other papers for drawing, printing, painting and craft making. Traditional Japanese paper is known as washi, wa- meaning Japanese and -shi meaning paper and is made from long inner fibres of plants. The Japanese Paper Place has a skilful team with a passion for the versatility of Japanese paper that they want to share with the world.

The Japanese Paper Place was started by Nancy Jacobi in 1982 in Toronto. Nancy was originally selling these beautiful Japanese papers to bookbinders and artists from the boot of her car but now the company has 20,000 square foot warehouse that supplies thousands of different papers to countries all over the world. Their range includes origami papers, shoji and decorative papers, Chiyogami papers and more - all in a stunning range of colours and patterns.

Chiyogami papers are highly decorative, patterned pieces created using silk screen priting. Traditionally this paper was made by farmers using woodblock printing and then hung in houses for decoration, used to make paper boxes or dolls. The patterns and symbols on these Japanese papers were inspired by the luxurious kimonos and their rich colours and imagery. Nowadays the wide range of Chiyogami papers are made in various family run studios across Japan where they are hand silk screened, with each colour layer needing its own screen and drying time to slowly building up the intricate designs. Once complete the versatile Chiyogami papers are used to create many different artworks and crafts from bookmaking and creative cards, to artworks and collage. Explore this wonderful range of pattern Japanese paper for yourself and see what your imagination can do with it.

If you feel spoilt for choice with these papers then we also stock The Japanese Paper Place packs which include a selection of different patterned, plain and tissue papers that work well together. There are mega mix and mini mix packs available, which are great as a starter pack or introduction to Japanese paper, and the Washi Potluck pack which includes a collection of handmade papers made from one of three plants - gampi, kozo (mulberry) or mitsumata.

The Japanese Paper Place also has Shoji papers which are used for the wooden lattice screens or sliding doors as a way of providing privacy and still allowing soft light to come through. These are great for interiors designers, artists and crafts people alike.

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