Cranfield are a British company that have been colour making since the 1920's. They pride themselves on continuing to use traditional machinery and skills to make a high quality collection of inks and paints. Or range includes the Cranfield artist oil paints which provide long lasting, vibrant colour that is full of character. The artist oil paints are made by professionals for professionals.

The Cranfield artist oil paints contain a higher level of pigment and go through extra milling and sweating (leaving paint to stand to allow the pigment and oil to balance) to make sure they release the full colour and have a smooth texture. The finest grade pigments, purest refined oils and raw materials are used to create artist quality paints that are luminous and vibrant; giving artist the confidence in their paints.

Three generations of the Craine family have used their expertise to produce a consistent quality product. The original mills are still used because they are best for the job, and traditional skills and methods continue to produce paints that are more suited to artists needs. Great care and attention goes into the dry colour process of mixing, milling and matching to produce an exceptional range of Cranfield artist oil paints.

We have a range of stunning colours available in 40ml and 225ml tubes. Choose from a selection of titanium whites to raw sienna and ultramarine blue and see the true beauty of the pigments come to life with Cranfield artist oil paints.

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