With a heritage stretching back more than 230 years, Daler-Rowney boasts an impressive history and a fine reputation. It will come as no surprise to hear that we feature an extensive range of Daler-Rowney art supplies here at Pegasus Art. You will discover paints, inks, brushes, paper, sketchbooks and a variety of accessories from Daler-Rowney in our range and you can be assured of exceptional quality.

About Daler-Rowney

Richard and Thomas Rowney established the Rowney Company in 1783 and initially sold perfumes and wig powders. Wigs fell out of fashion when George IV discarded his own wig and so the Rowney brothers began to produce artists’ colours. They went on to supply Constable and Turner together with many other celebrated British artists.

In 1963 Rowney was the first company in Europe to produce acrylic colours and both Peter Blake and Bridget Riley, prominent exponents of Pop Art, used their paints. In 1969 the company relocated to Bracknell but remained a family-run business. Tom Rowney had been Managing Director for 30 years but had no family to succeed him and so sold the business to Morgan Crucible.

Meanwhile, the Daler Board Company had been established for more than 20 years and had created a substitute for canvas when canvas was in short supply during the post-war years. Following the success of Daler Board the company developed a variety of artists’ materials including the first synthetic watercolour brush.

In 1983 the Daler Board Company purchased the George Rowney Company and became Daler-Rowney. Producing paper, brushes and colours, Daler-Rowney is unique amongst the leading brands in the fine art market. The company caters to the needs of professional artists, accomplished students and amateurs including emerging talents and beginners. The key products are diverse in nature but include oil paints, notably Georgian Oils and Graduate Oils, acrylic colours including System 3, watercolour surfaces, watercolour papers and brushes.

Daler-Rowney Art Supplies

We invite you to explore the extensive Daler-Rowney collection which we are proud to showcase at Pegasus. With paints, equipment and accessories to suit all levels of ability and every budget, Daler-Rowney remains a go-to brand. Whether you are an accomplished painter, a student or are looking for materials to encourage your youngsters to paint, the Daler-Rowney range offers plenty to please.

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