Golden Artist Colors Inc

Golden Artist Colors Inc., now also known simply as GOLDEN, was founded in June 1980 by Sam Golden, who is known as a pioneering developer of the first acrylic named Magna paint, created at the Bocour Artist Colors studios between 1946 and 1949. This ground-breaking moment though was only the beginning of a 20-year period of experimentation and refinement in the science of creating the most effective acrylic paints.

About Golden Artist Colors Inc.

It was after his long career in the paint making industry, in fact after deciding to retire, that Sam Golden found that rest and relaxation was not for him, as he announced the founding of his own business Golden Artist Colors Inc. which, in Golden’s words, had the clear and simple dedicated goal of ‘making tools for artists.’

By 1985, the opening of a new factory meant that Golden Artist Colors Inc. not only focused on the original Heavy Body and Iridescent Acrylics, but also opened out to develop their Fluid, Matte, and Interference Acrylics. The growth of the business also saw a growth in critical acclaim within the artistic community, with Golden Artist Colors Inc. receiving many local and national awards such as the 1991 Business Arts Award by the Chenango County Chamber of Commerce and the Council of the Arts, with Mark Golden also receiving the 1996 Small Business Person of the Year award.

Sam Golden passed away on 11th March 1997 at the age of 82, but left a legacy of innovation, participation, creativity and energy, having set a new standard in the world of artistic materials.

Explore the Best in Acrylics

Here at Pegasus, we have a fantastic range of GOLDEN products, including Matte, Heavy Body, Fluid, Interference and Iridescent Colours, as well as Gels, Gessos and more. There really is a world of paints to delve into, all at affordable prices. We are thrilled to have you explore the vast array of products and hope that they might offer you the same inspiration which encouraged Sam Golden to develop such pioneering products all those years ago, products which are still integral to the artistic landscape today.

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