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Gouache Paint Sets

Here at Pegasus Art we always aim to give you all the creative options that you might need to have fun and flourish in your art. Take a look at these wonderful gouache paint sets for example and you might find something new with which to experiment. Gouache is not unlike watercolour paint in that it can be re-wetted and it dries to a matte finish. In fact it is often used in conjunction with watercolour. There are however some differences.

Perfect for Design and Illustration

The key difference is that gouache paint is opaque rather than transparent. This means that it has slightly different applications to watercolours. For example, if what you want to create is areas of flat, brilliant colour for design and illustration, gouache may well be the perfect option for your needs.

Handy Gouache Paint Sets

Take a look through our selection and you will see some fine examples of gouache paint sets. For the basics, you will be able to pick up a primary colour set, ideal for starting out with this medium. There are then also larger sets of 10, 12 and even 15 colours, should you want to expand and advance your creativity. If you were looking for a gift for an artist you know then perhaps a gouache paint set would be something a little bit different and an interesting medium for them to try if they haven't used it before.

Wide Range of Uses

These sets are refreshingly simple to use. They offer a beautiful intensity of colour, whilst they also dry nice and quickly. The fact that they can then be wetted and reworked on all types of absorbing and non-absorbing paper and canvas is a great benefit. If you are a designer or an illlustrator, these will be great fun and super effective to use. You could also use them in an educational context.

Caran DAche Gouache Studio Set 15 Colours + Brush Caran DAche Gouache Studio Set 15 Colours + Brush offer
6 in stock
Caran D'Ache Gouache Studio Tin Set of 15 Tablet Colours plus 10ml Tube White Gouache Enamel tin set includes large size tablets of gouache paint plus Caran D'Ache Size 8 Round Brush Perfect travelling companion this gouache set is full of brilliant colours with a traditional range of warm and cool colours.  You will be able to mix extra gouache colours in the generous palette lid which has five s…
Gouache Extra Fine Quality Set Primary Colours 6 x 16ml Gouache Extra Fine Quality Set Primary Colours 6 x 16ml
Out of stock
Talens Primary Colour Extra Fine Gouache Set 6 x 16ml Bottles Colours included 100 White, 205 Lemon Yellow, 397 Permanent Rose Magenta, 501 Light Blue Cyan, 602 Deep Green & 737 Neutral Black This fine quality gouache from Royal Talens is an opaque paint with a high pigment load that completely obscures the ground.  The opacity of the paint is achieved by using opaque fillings. Recommended for art…
Schmincke Finest Calligraphy Gouache Set - 5 Colours x 20ml Tubes Schmincke Finest Calligraphy Gouache Set - 5 Colours x 20ml Tubes offer
9 in stock
Schmincke Calligraphy Gouache Set 5 x 20ml Tubes Mixing Colours including Metallic Gold Colours specially developed for use in calligraphy Brilliant, strong rich colours, largely opaque Excellent coverage, enough to hide pencil lines Superfine pigments, very smooth. Gouache can be diluted with water Non waterproof. The following colours are included in the set Supra Opaque white 101 Jet black 761…
Schmincke Horadam Gouache Metal Set 10 x 15ml Tubes Schmincke Horadam Gouache Metal Set 10 x 15ml Tubes offer
1 in stock
Schmincke Horadam Gouache Paint set 10 x 15ml size tubes in Black Enamel Metal Tin Colours included in boxed set: 102 titanium white; 220 lemon yellow; 226 Cadmium Yellow hue; 342 Cadmium Red Hue; 354 Madder Lake Deep; 464 Ultramarine Deep; 520 helio green bluish; 640 titanium gold ochre; 648 burnt sienna; 787 ivory black Fine Artist Schmincke Gouache Paints offer excellent flow properties. Colour…
Art Creation Gouache Set 12ml x 24 Assorted Colours Art Creation Gouache Set 12ml x 24 Assorted Colours offer
4 in stock
Talens Art Creation Gouache Paint Set 24 Gouache colours in 12ml tubes - Brilliant assorted colour range! Included in the set is a Gouache step-by-step artist plan for an attractive Dutch row of houses. Capture your creative ideas with this easy to use gouache paint set.  Gouache is an opaque, matt paint with a refreshing colour intensity.  The colours mix well, you can thin with water and paint a…
Simply Gouache Sets 12 x 12ml Simply Gouache Sets 12 x 12ml
Out of stock
Simply Set of 12 Assorted Opaque Watercolour Gouache Tubes 12 x 12ml This gouache set is a great starter set to experiment with this medium.  Gouache is similar to watercolours and you can wet and remove colour once you have painted to adjust tones.  Unlike acrylic paints which cannot be removed once painted. The opaque strong colours look great for large flat areas with their excellent covering p…


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