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Modelling & Crafting Tools

You will be able to stock up on lots of the modelling and crafting tools you need right here. This collection brings together great essentials, from wood crafting sets to clay pottery tools. Plus, you will also find some quality tools such as foam rollers. These are always handy to have around, as they are applicable to a number of surfaces and just as useful for kids' art projects as they are for your own work with inks and paints.

Clay Modelling Tools

For your clay modelling, wire ended modelling tools are handy additions to your tool kit, and we have plenty in stock. You can either purchase wood handled wire modelling tools on their own, or as part of a larger set. The larger set will be ideal for anyone who is a beginner looking to get their hands on all they need to get started. On top of wire clay cutters, these sets also include sponges, steel scrapers, ribbon tools, loop tools, and more. These will all be of great use on any kind of soft pottery materials, as well as for other craft projects.

Wood Craft Tools

There are additionally plenty of tools for those wanting to explore the wonderful world of wood carving. Pick up assorted sets of tools which come with a collection of mini chisels. These will be useful primarily for carving soft woods. But the bonus is that they will also come in handy for crafting some fine details into your soft pottery materials.

Glue Guns

The glue gun is possibly one of the crafter's top tools. It is quick drying and so creates a strong bond in no time. For this reason, the glue gun can be a life saver, always there to help with paper based projects, fabric projects, or a whole host of other decorative and craft ideas. You can also help out your kids by using a glue gun to bring together a big art project for school. We not only have glue guns here, but also the glue sticks to go with them, as well as effective little tacker guns for further binding options.

Loxley Foam Rollers (Sponge) Loxley Foam Rollers (Sponge)
Out of stock
Loxley Merlin Foam Rollers - 20mm (3/4inch) & 40mm (1.5") These Merlin Foam Rollers are economical and versatile for craft and art projects. Apply paints, inks, to canvas, paper or lino blocks.  Also idea for mark making  children's art projects Loxley Merlin Foam Rollers available in two widths: 20mm & 40mm.
Pottery Tool Kit - Assorted Pottery Tool Kit - Assorted
Out of stock
The perfect starter kit for anyone interested in pottery making Use for soft pottery materials and crafts Set includes a wire clay cutter, wood tool, sponge, and a steel scraper You also get a needle tool, ribbon tool, loop tool and a clay rib Makes a great gift idea for any artist
Teflon Bone Folder 6 Teflon Bone Folder 6" (15cm) new in
Out of stock
Teflon Bone Folder Tool 6 inches (15 cms) Teflon folders are used in the same way as bone folders but with the added benefit of not putting a polish on paper when used for burnishing. Useful for bookbinding and pressing the crease on folded paper or cardstock. Useful for craft in general, use one to fold, crease and score. Adhesives won't stick to Teflon.
Toggle clay cutter - Wire with Handles in a hanging bag Toggle clay cutter - Wire with Handles in a hanging bag
3 in stock
This useful gadget makes cutting clay much easier. Two wooden handles with single wire.
Wood Carving Tools - Mini Chisel Set 6 Assorted Wood Carving Tools - Mini Chisel Set 6 Assorted
7 in stock
Mini Chisel Set of 6 Assorted Shapes Wood Carving Set These mini chisel tools are ideal for carving soft woods but also popular for working with caly and sculpting. Wooden handles Steel blades
Wooden Modelling Tool Set 3 Shapes Wooden Modelling Tool Set 3 Shapes
Out of stock
Seawhite Wooden Modelling Tools Set 3 Assorted Shapes Each tool is 8" in length


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