Michael Harding

This quality collection of Michael Harding paints and mediums are inspired by the traditional techniques of Old Masters. These superior oil paints are handmade to ensure a vibrant colour that is not only beautiful but durable and is complemented with a range of artist mediums to aid your creations.

Traditional Techniques & Materials

Michael Harding started creating paints while studying as a student of Fine Art in the 1980's. Driven by a desire to produce his own high quality oil paints, much in the same way that old masters such as Rembrandt would have, Michael started researching and experimenting with traditional techniques and materials. Eventually producing a high pigment artist quality paint that ticked all the boxes and then went on to be snapped up by the Royal College of Art and the V & A museum.

Michael Harding Paints

Michael Harding paints are available in 225ml and 40ml tubes here at Pegasus Art. If you are new to the collection then the Introductory Set of oil paints and a colour chart would be a great purchase to get you started. The high pigment content of these oil paints means that they are more resistant to fading and have a fantastically rich colour.

Michael Harding Art Materials & Mediums

We also supply excellent Michael Harding art materials and mediums so you can achieve wonderful affects with your artwork. Find turpentine for thinning and speeding up drying time, oils for increasing flow and slowing drying time, beeswax paste for increased body and a satin matt look, glazes for added lustre and gloss, varnishes for the finishing touch and much more to explore.

If you are looking for true colour and vibrancy then you will adore the range of Michael Harding paints and mediums.

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