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Oil Painting Glaze Mediums

Explore a variety of different oil painting glaze mediums from popular brands. Ideal for adding to oil paint or pigments to increase flow and translucency. Used for a range of effects in oil painting including enhancing the depth, gloss and lustre of the artwork. There are also matt options available.

How Does Oil Painting Glaze Medium Work?

Oil glazing is a technique that many artists of all levels enjoy experimenting with. The glaze itself is a thin, transparent oily substance. It blends with the oil paint underneath, rather than concealing it. It performs its precise effects by making light refract through the layer of glaze. The way that the light reacts to the specific glaze then has the desired effect on the way the viewer will see the oil paint below.

With an oil glaze, you will be able to increase the depth of your colour, as well as bring an additional intensity, especially in terms of luminosity. This is all going to come together to make for paintings which don't have the impression of being flat. Instead, they will appear richly layered, with a depth to them as though they were three dimensional. This is your key to a kind of photo realistic painting that is so suited to oil paints.

Oil Glazing Techniques

This transparent layer of oil generally contains a single pigment. What you do with it will depend on the kind of glaze and on your desired effect. Some artists use glazing with each layer of their oil painting. Other oil painters tend to wait till they are at a later stage of their painting to then add the glaze. It all depends on the kind of colour contrast and emphasis that you would like to create.

Applying multiple layers of glaze can be particularly effective when you are attempting to achieve nuance and detail in a complex area such as the face in portrait painting. Having control over which areas will appear particularly intense in colour will allow you to manipulate the viewer's eye, creating the effect that they are gazing into a real face, where some features are more dominant than others.

Variety of Effects

You will find that most artists use glazes in a localised way, rather than glazing their whole artwork. It is in this manner that you can create really precise effects. You will essentially be in control of how light hits your artwork and what effect that has on the human eye.

Many glazes will additionally heighten the smoothness of the oil paint so that you can work on those finer details with greater ease. We love how you can experiment in so many different ways with your medium oil glazes to find the right effect for you. This glazing process opens up a whole new area of creativity which is just as fun, rewarding and effective in its results as the basic oil painting process itself.

C Roberson Glaze Medium C Roberson Glaze Medium
£8.40 - £16.20
3 in stock
Roberson Glaze Medium. You can mix this medium with either oil paint or dry pigments to increase the translucency and flow. Perfect for thin glazes, fine detail and smooth brushwork. This quality glaze medium from Roberson has an integral cobalt drier for quicker drying. Available in 3 sizes 60ml 250ml 500ml
C Roberson Matt Glaze Medium C Roberson Matt Glaze Medium
Out of stock
Matt Glaze Medium For Oil Painting Roberson Matt Glaze Medium can be mixed with oil paint colour or dry pigments. The addition of the medium increases translucency and flow making it ideal for thin glazes, fine detailed work and smooth brushwork. The Matt Glaze Medium will create a flat effect. NB Do not use as a varnish. Composition: Stand linseed oil, Dammar resin, Turpentine, Silica & Driers. U…
Michael Harding Balsam Resin Glaze Medium 100ml Michael Harding Balsam Resin Glaze Medium 100ml
2 in stock
Michael Harding Balsam Resin Glaze Medium PM6 100ml Dammar Resin, Austrian Larch Turpentine, Linseed Stand oil, Double rectified turpentine PM6 is based on a historical paint medium.  The main base is Austrian larch turpentine (also called Venice Turpentine), combined with dammar resin and linseed stand oil.  Larch or Venice turpentine adds a wonderful gloss, almost enamel-like, to oil paints.  Th…
Michael Harding Dammar Glaze Medium 100ml Michael Harding Dammar Glaze Medium 100ml
3 in stock
Michael Harding Dammar Glaze Medium PM2 100ml Dammar resin, linseed stand oil, Double rectified turpentine and Cobalt Siccative 2% This is a light sensitive product so store in a cool dark place PM2 is a very traditional glaze medium which includes a small portion of siccative to aid drying.  It is designed to create gloss and depth within your oil paint layers.  Made by dissolving dammar crystals…


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