Watercolour Blocks

Watercolour papers are available in sheets, rolls and blocks. Watercolour blocks are a practical and convenient choice for working both in the studio and out and about. Blocks are fashioned from sheets of paper which are glued together on all four sides and supported with a strong backing. This means that you can paint on each sheet without having to stretch it or to worry about the paper buckling. Once your artwork is complete and dry then you can separate the sheet from the rest of the block by using a flat blunt object, such as a letter opener, that inserts into a gap in the edge of the block and run this around the edge to loosen the sheet.

If you work with water based media then your results will rely as much on the quality of the paper you choose as your skill, technique and colour palette. Watercolours require a suitable surface with the right absorbency, colour and stability. Proprietary papers are, therefore, the best option.

Watercolour blocks of paper are available in three different surfaces to suit a variety of painting techniques. The most textured surface is called rough and this type of paper is used by artists who prefer texture in their finished work. Not (cold pressed) paper is a rough paper which has been pressed to reduce the texture. Not paper is the most popular choice as some texture remains but the paper holds colour and reflects light well. Hot pressed paper (HP) gives the artist a smoother surface and this type of finish is favoured by illustrators and miniaturists.

At Pegasus Art we have an extensive selection of watercolour papers and our collection includes a variety of watercolour blocks. We are proud to offer you fine paper blocks from Arches, Bockingford and The Langton range from Daler Rowney. Rough, not and hot pressed blocks are all available and there is a good choice of sizes too.

You will certainly find the perfect paper for your watercolour painting style in the Pegasus Art collection. If you need help in choosing the right watercolour block for you then do speak to our friendly team of artists who will be happy to help you make the right decision.

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