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Print Making

At Pegasus Art we are delighted to offer you a comprehensive range of print making supplies for screen printing, etching and relief work. Drawn from renowned manufacturers Schmincke, Caligo, Daler-Rowney, Charbonnel, Derwent and C. Roberson, our collection features high quality supplies that yield fabulous results!

Screen Printing

For those unfamiliar with screen printing, an explanation may be order! Screen printing is a process where a woven mesh screen is utilised to support an ink blocking stencil. Areas which are to be blank are coated with an impermeable substance. The mesh is placed over the paper or fabric and ink is pushed through the mesh when pressure is applied via a fill blade or squeegee. The process deposits an even layer of colour onto the substrate. One colour is printed at a time and so several screens are needed to produce a multi-coloured image. The technique is an effective means of producing multiples of an image and is a great way of exploring the use of colour. Our collection includes acrylic screen printing sets and neoprene squeegees for screen printing.


Etching is a form of intaglio printing. An image is burnt into a metal plate (usually copper, zinc or steel) by exposure to acid. The plate is cover with a waxy, acid resistant material (ground). The artists then scratches off this material with an etching needle where a line is to appear in the finished image. This exposes the bare metal and the acid "bites” or burns into the exposed area leaving sunken lines. The ground is then cleaned off the plate which is then inked all over. The ink is wiped off the surface leaving ink only in the etched lines and the plate is applied to paper using a press.

Lino Block and Relief Printing

Block printing is a form of relief printing. Here images are cut away from blocks with what remains forming the positive shapes and lines of the finished work. Lino and wood are most commonly used for the process. Once the image has been cut, ink is rolled and applied to the paper or fabric to print the image.

The Pegasus collection features Charbonnel etching inks, Caligo Safe Wash Relief & Etching Inks, etching plates, lino blocks, lino rollers, lino cutters and Schmincke Lino Block printing inks, indeed everything you need to create and reproduce your work using either oil or water-based inks. If you have any questions about screen and relief printing or need help in choosing the supplies you need then please do speak to our friendly team who are always here to help!

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