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Few brands can boast the long and distinguished history of Arches®. The story began in 1492 when the papermaking facilities around the village of Arches amalgamated. The Moulins d'Arches (windmills of Arches) began producing high quality paper for the leading writers of the period. Some of the most significant works of the era were printed on Arches® paper including the Chronique de Gutenberg by Albrecht Dürer and the Description of Egypt commissioned by Napoleon after his return from his Egyptian campaign.

Since 1492 the Arches® name has represented the highest quality for artists. The pure cotton range is made in traditional fashion and features a natural grain that is similar to that of handmade papers. The papers are stable and retain their integrity when wet due to the length of the fibres used. The watercolour papers are distinguished by their unique sizing using natural gelatine which gives the paper an unrivalled resistance to abrasion and which renders colours beautifully.

Arches® fine art papers have been used by many great publishers across the centuries and by celebrated artists including Van Gogh, Matisse, Chagall, Picasso, Braque, Miro, Dali and Warhol. Naturally Arches® papers had to feature in the Pegasus Art range and we are pleased to bring you Arches® printmaking and watercolour papers, watercolour blocks and sketch pads.

Our sheet papers are subject to minimum order quantities which are detailed in the individual product listings. Many papers can be mixed and matched to achieve the required quantities. If you have any questions about ordering paper or about anything in the Pegasus range then please do speak to our expert team who will be pleased to help you find everything that you need.

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