We are delighted to introduce you to the impressive Clairefontaine paper and Clairefontaine art supplies which we are proud to showcase here at Pegasus Art. You will discover linen paper for oil painting together with the highly regarded Pastelmat cards in a variety of colours.

About Clairefontaine

Boasting an impressive heritage, Clairefontaine began paper production in 1858. The company is based in the Meurthe Valley in France where the first paper mills were established in the 16th century. Clairefontaine took advantage of rags that were supplied by the local textile industry and in a few short years became one of the most significant manufacturers in the region.

Today, Clairefontaine produces fine papers, envelopes and notebooks together with artists supplies. Clairefontaine papers feature fibres from Scandinavia to ensure resistance and resilience together with fibres from eucalyptus forests to deliver opacity and exceptional coating properties. The papers are notable for their outstanding consistency.

Linen Paper for Oil Painting

Available in three sizes, Clairefontiane linen paper is a stable and easy to use textured paper for oil painting. Providing an excellent alternative to canvas, the paper creates a superb surface bond with the paint and is acid free. This paper is supplied in a block which is glued on four sides to create a stable surface for painting. When your composition is complete, simply remove the paper using a craft knife.

Pastelmat Card

Available in packs of mixed colours and pads of warm and cool colours together with pads of white, Pastelmat card is a new concept. The card gives artists a smooth surface to work with that is created with cellulose fibres. Offering excellent grabbing power, the paper enables artists to use less soft pastel and will hold multiple layers. The card is acid free and lightfast.

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