Hahnemühle has a rich and illustrious history behind its name in the paper manufacturing business. From its being established all the way back in 1584, centuries of experience has amounted to the company becoming innovators of the highest quality in the realm of artist paper for painting and printmaking. It is an astounding testament to the integrity and consistency of the company and its philosophies that Hahnemühle paper has been produced in the same location for more than 430 years.

Finely Crafted Paper for Artists

Pegasus Art is proud to have such an extensive collection from one of the finest paper manufacturing companies that one would wish to find. The types of paper in our selection from Hahnemühle have been specially designed by technicians and experts in the field in order to produce a finely crafted paper to suit specific artistic needs.

Hahnemuhle Paper For Different Mediums

Whether you require paper for the purposes of pen or pencil sketching, or you need paper for watercolour painting, or for printing, then you can be sure that Pegasus Art’s collection of Hahnemühle paper will contain the right variant for the job.

Stock up on Paper Supplies

You will additionally find that the items in this category are not just of the highest quality but also are being sold at great prices. With so many of the products having their prices knocked down from the RRP so that you can look after your wallet whilst stocking up on the paper that you need to be able to realise your ideas, sketches, visions and paintings at home and on the go with paper with a gorgeous feel.

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