Khadi Handmade Paper

At Pegasus Art we specialise in art paper and have developed a comprehensive and diverse range to give you a fabulous choice whatever medium you work with. Our range features a spectacular selection of handmade papers by Khadi which are sure to inspire you and of which we are particularly proud.

Khadi produce exquisite handmade paper in India and Nepal. Production facilities include their own mill in India which employs over 50 local men and women. Khadi paper sheets, packs and books feature Indian cotton rag papers and Himalayan papers fashioned from Lokta (Daphne bholua and Daphne papyracea bushes) bark fibre or Mitsumata (Edgeworthia chrysantha). The cotton rag is produced from recycled cotton t shirts and both Lokta and Mitsumata are renewable, sustainable resources. Khadi handmade paper is, therefore, a responsible and earth friendly choice.

Khadi handmade papers are acid free to minimise deterioration including yellowing and fading and to maintain the structural integrity of the material. They possess a wonderful rough and irregular quality which lends character and texture to your work. They are especially appropriate for bold brush work and vibrant colours but can be used for a variety of applications including drawing and card making.

Khadi handmade papers are available in individual sheets as well as packs and books. If you favour individual sheets please consider that these can be challenging to pack and so minimum order levels apply. However you can mix and match papers across our range to achieve the minimum order quantity. The product listings provide guidance as to order quantities and exclusions.

With beautiful textures, a variety of colours and papers featuring exquisite dried bougainvillea flowers, there is sure to be something to surprise and delight any artist in the Khadi collection of handmade papers. These high quality, earth friendly papers offer limitless possibilities for creative endeavour and we are proud to feature the collection here at Pegasus Art.

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