Spectrum Art Supplies & Materials

It is nice to fly the flag once in a while and so at Pegasus Art we are delighted to feature paint, mediums and media by Spectrum. Spectrum art supplies are 100% British with every step of the manufacturing process taking place right here in Britain. Spectrum boasts 50 years' experience and expertise in producing paint and media with their range being produced by skilled craftsmen in South Wales using traditional methods.

Spectracryl artists' acrylic paint is available from Pegasus Art in quantities from 60ml to 2.5 litres. This artists' quality acrylic is made with artists' grade pigments which have been carefully chosen for their lightfast, non-fugitive, non-yellowing quality. The pigments are dispersed in 100% acrylic resin to produce fabulous colours across the entire spectrum. Spectracryl acrylic paints give you extraordinary strength and intensity and under normal circumstances will not crack when dry. The paint will dry to a low sheen and each colour produces strong coverage. These fine paints have impressive adhesion and can be applied to most prepared grounds.

Spectrum Studio Oil Colours are ideal for professional artists, students and beginners alike. Spectrum takes great care to achieve quality and consistency in every batch of paint produced. The Spectrum Studio oil paint is made using the three roller system which involves finely grinding and mixing until a glossy smooth consistency is achieved. Spectrum Studio Oil is fabulous value for money and is available in quantities of 60ml to 2.5 litres.

Colour maybe an artist's primary tool but by using solvents, varnishes and mediums a huge array of visual effects can be produced. In this way an artist can experiment to fully explore their vision. The Spectrum art supplies range features the solvents, varnishes and mediums you need to extend colours, to add depth and brilliance to your work, to create texture and structure and, of course, to explore a variety of finishes whether you are painting in acrylics or oils.

Spectrum Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion extends colours and increases gloss whilst the Copolymer Matt Emulsion provides a matt finish. Use Spectrum Beeswax Solution for a soft sheen or Brush Mark Varnish Gel to intensify colours and to achieve a glossy brush mark finish. The Spectrum collection at Pegasus Art also features a versatile range of varnishes, primers, sealants and drying oils. With Spectrum art supplies you can perfectly prepare your ground, adapt your paints to suit your style and achieve the perfect finish to complement your vision.

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