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We are thrilled to be able to present this fantastic collection of Zest-it art products. One of the things about Zest-it which is particularly great is that they like to do things ecologically. Keeping (at least!) one eye on the welfare of the planet whilst also ensuring that the products do their intended jobs extremely successfully.

Pleasant Smelling - Ecologically Friendly

Zest-it have set out to produce the very best non-toxic and environmentally friendly solvents. Where the name comes in is that they have figured out a way of doing this with the help of the zest of citrus fruits. Pleasant smelling, recyclable and safer than turpentine, Zest it therefore really does tick an awful lot of boxes!

A New Way of Doing Things

Among our collection of Zest-it art products, you will find some painting mediums, brush cleaners, wax for oil paints and cold wax solvents. These will be the products that allow you creative process to be even more joyful because of the careful consideration that has gone into their conception and production.

Creativity & Conscientiousness

It is a great thing to engage in your creative passion, to express yourself on and to lose yourself in the canvas. But, in losing your sense of self in the feeling of some greater purpose of artistic endeavour, you should also be able to do this without damaging yourself or the planet we live on. By choosing these solvents which contain no Aromatics or CFC's, and so are non-hazardous and generally kinder to the environment, you will enable a beautiful melding of the love of art and of the earth.

Zest It Acrylic Brush Cleaner & Reviver 125ml Zest It Acrylic Brush Cleaner & Reviver 125ml
2 in stock
Brush Cleaner For Arcylic Paint - 125ml Recommended by one of our regular Art Tutors at Pegasus Art. This acrylic brush cleaner and brush reviver not only cleans your brushes of any acrylic paint residue but can rejuvenate your brushes, even when paint has been left to dry for a long time. Although solvent based the product is water rinseable.  It has the slight citrus orange aroma, is non-toxic,…
Zest It Clear Painting Medium Zest It Clear Painting Medium
£7.00 - £16.34
3 in stock
Zest It Clear Painting Medium is a blend of Zest-it and Linseed Stand Oil mixed and it is ready for use. The Oil Paint Medium enhances the flow and reduces the consistency of oil paint. Zest It Clear Paint Medium can also make the oil paint dry quicker. Dries to an elastic finish and is resistant to yellowing. Very useful for blending and glazing without added varnish. Well suited for oiling out a…
Zest It Cold Wax Painting Medium Zest It Cold Wax Painting Medium
3 in stock
Zest It Cold Wax Painting Medium is a new product developed to use with oil paint to impart body and texture. Ingredients: Beeswax, Linseed Stand Oil and Gum Damar is a smooth, thick and firm painting medium Speeds drying but will depend upon humidity and temperature. Rich glossy appearance Gentle orange aroma Impasto and glazing techniques can both be achieved The Zest-it Cold Wax Painting Medium…
Zest It Cold Wax Solvent Zest It Cold Wax Solvent
£7.58 - £23.22
18 in stock
The Zest-it Wax Solvent is a non-toxic, non flammable fluid with a slight yellow colour. It has a mild orange smell from the Citrus Oil, it has low VOC's, which means little is lost to the atmosphere and your workspace. It does not mix with water. It does not contain any Aromatics or CFC's, it is classed as biodegradable and is therefore kinder to the environment. It can travel by road, sea and ai…
Zest It Lean Painting Medium 125ml Zest It Lean Painting Medium 125ml
2 in stock
Zest It Lean Painting Medium 125ml This oil painting medium is recommended for use in the initial layers of your painting.  It thins oil paint allowing a easier flow, also very useful for initial drawing on your canvas or board. Non-yellowing, strong and flexible the lean painting medium can be further diluted with Zest It Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner. Also great for painting wet-in-wet an…
Zest It LiquiBlend Wax for Oil Paints Zest It LiquiBlend Wax for Oil Paints
2 in stock
Zest It LiquiBlend Wax: Add to Cold Wax Medium to liquify but keep the working properties (i.e. body). Add Liquiblend to Cold Wax Painting Medium allowing more blending of the Cold Wax and thins its consistency, still keeping the body of the mixture LiquiBlend Wax is a good vehicle for pigments and powders.  Coloured it is good for glazing. Apply using brush, painting knife, roller or other tools…
Zest It Oil Paint Dilutant & Brush Cleaner (Eco Solvent) Zest It Oil Paint Dilutant & Brush Cleaner (Eco Solvent)
£11.50 - £60.60
19 in stock
Zest It is an solvent that is non-flammable and non-toxic. Zest It dilutant is an solvent alternative to white spirit and turpentine with a pleasant citrus smell. Multi-use, Zest It can be used as an oil paint thinner, mixed with linseed oil, as an ingredient in painting mediums and as a brush cleaner. You can use Zest-it it to thin oil paint, oil pastels and oil paint sticks or bars. It leaves no…


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