Nitram Charcoal

Nitram is simply the best fine art charcoal available. We are proud to be able to bring you this superb range here at Pegasus Art and we are sure that you will appreciate both the quality and the fabulous heritage of Nitram.

You may be wondering about the exotic sounding name. Actually Nitram is merely Martin spelled backwards! Martin Gros was a Spaniard who moved to France at the end of the Spanish Civil War. These were difficult times indeed as World War II was just beginning. Martin worked on a farm and began making charcoal in the local forests. Then the owner of a charcoal factory hired him and he worked there until establishing his own company in 1965.

Business was initially slow at Nitram until a client placed a significant order which necessitated the introduction of new techniques and equipment. Martin’s son Daniel helped out and evolved new methods which proved to be the foundation of Nitram’s future success. Daniel later took over the business and continued to refine the production processes. Nitram was producing the finest charcoal and it was much sought after by artists across the world.

Eventually Daniel Gros decided that he no longer wished to produce charcoal. For a time there was a shortage of Nitram charcoal but artists were still trying to seek out the material for their work. One of them, Jerzy Niedojadlo, decided to revive Nitram and the charcoal has been available to artists all over the world ever since.

At Pegasus we offer a range of Nitram charcoal sticks and batons in different sizes and in both soft and hard forms. We are also pleased to offer you Nitram baton holders and Blocs de Saule (giant blocks). The charcoal sticks can be sharpened for fine detail and you can certainly create in confidence as Nitram charcoal does not crumble.

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