At Pegasus Art we are committed to offering you the finest range of paints at the most favourable prices. Our comprehensive collection has been sourced from across the world by our artists for our artists, whether they are beginners, students or professionals.

Oil Paints

If you are just starting out it can be difficult to know which paints would suit you best. All oil paints are composed of a pigment, a binder (oil) and in the case of beginner and student paints, a filler. Artist and professional quality oil paints feature the highest quality pigments and binders with little or no filler resulting in more powerful colours and strong secondary colours. In student quality paints the filler dilutes the pigment and so when colours are mixed the secondary colour is less true.

The choice of colours is very personal and your collection can be supplemented over time but a good starting point would be two yellows, perhaps a lemon yellow and a stronger cadmium; two reds – one bright and one alizarin or cadmium deep red; two blues such as cobalt and ultramarine (landscape artists favour Cerulean for the sky); a few earth colours, titanium or the mixing zinc white and perhaps also Terre Verte although greens can be mixed.

Our oil paint range includes Lukas Studio and Spectrum Studio for beginners and students, and Winsor & Newton Artist Oil Colours, Old Holland Classic Oils, Rembrandt and Schmincke Norma for artists and professionals. We are also proud to showcase the wonderful handmade oils by Pip Seymour and Williamsburg from the USA. For those who dislike the smell of solvents or who have limited studio space we also offer two water mixable oil paint ranges, Artisan by Winsor & Newton and the brilliant Cobra from Royal Talens.

Acrylic Paints

Acrylics are a relatively new medium which first became commercially available in the 1950's. Acrylic paint offers artists incredible flexibility and lends itself to a number of painting techniques. The paints are suitable for both heavy and light techniques and can resemble oil paints, watercolours and even gouache. All acrylic paints are water soluble whilst they are wet but become permanent when dry. They dry quickly and have very little odour.

Your choice of Acrylic paint will depend on your intended application. The lightest paints are suitable for airbrushing, softer body paints for traditional canvas work and heavier, creamier consistencies can be used directly from the tube like oils or diluted for a watercolour effects.

We have an outstanding collection of Acrylic paints suitable for all abilities and applications. We are delighted to feature the Golden Heavy Body Acrylic range and Golden Fluid Acrylics which are highly respected in the artist community. Sam Golden started out in the 30's and supplied many notable artists including Jackson Pollock.

Pip Seymour's high quality acrylic paints were conceived to offer artists a progressive understanding of colour possibilities without costing the earth. The moderately priced System 3 range from Daler Rowney is ideal for general painting and students whilst Ara Concentrated Artists Acrylics offer artist quality with consistent smoothness and colour. Our acrylic collection is completed by Atelier Interactive artist's acrylics (uniquely able to stay wet by misting with water), the popular Jo Sonja Decorative Acrylics, Spectrum Spectracyrl and Liquitex spray paints.

Watercolours and Gouache

We offer a broad range of watercolour and gouache paints including our superb sets which offer fabulous versatility and great value for money. For the inexperienced amongst you Gouache is more opaque than watercolour and dries to a reflective, matt sheen.

Schmincke Horadam Aquarelle paints are high-end artist quality, Winsor & Newton Watercolours are extremely reliable whilst the Daniel Smith range is packed with unusual and fascinating colours. The Cotman Watercolours by Winsor and Newton are ideal for students and beginners. We are also delighted to feature Pentel Aquash watercolour crayons, Umton Barvy Designer Gouache paint and artists quality Schmincke Horadam gouache.

We are sure that you will find everything you need in the Pegasus Art collection of oils, acrylics and watercolours. If you need further advice then please do come along to see us at Griffin Mill or give our friendly team a call. We are always happy to help you make the right choices!

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