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At Pegasus Art we are proud to feature the exceptional gouache paints from both Schmincke and Windsor & Newton. If you haven’t yet painted with gouache, then the potential of this unique medium is well worth exploring.

What is Gouache?

Gouache paint boasts a long history and yet today many artists have yet to discover them. Sometimes referred to as opaque watercolour, gouache, like watercolour, is composed of pigment and a binding agent. However, there is a higher ratio of pigment in gouache and this paint possesses a heavier texture and higher opacity than watercolour. Gouache sometimes features additional inert material such as chalk.

This paint boasts characteristics of both watercolour and acrylic and can be used to create pleasingly vibrant compositions of great luminosity. As with acrylic, gouache gets darker as it dries but good high quality paints can be wetted for colour matching and reworking. Gouache is favoured by illustrators as it has such a smooth surface and so reproduces well. It is often used to create highlights in watercolours paintings.

Schmincke Fine Artist Gouache Paints

Schmincke Horadam gouache paints create crisp colour blends and are available in 48 colours. The highly concentrated paints can be wetted and reworked on all types of absorbing and non-absorbing paper and canvas. You will be impressed by the intense, opaque colour layers and flow properties of these fine artist gouache paints.

Windsor & Newton Gouache Paints

Windsor & Newton have produced the finest professional gouache available since 1935. Designers Gouache is a range of opaque water colours, used by designers, illustrators and commercial artists to create wonderfully vibrant and eye-catching illustrations. The colours have been chosen for their undertone, strength and opacity.

We are confident that you will be impressed with Schmincke and Windsor & Newton gouache paints. The exciting potential of gouache awaits you and will open up new creative challenges that will help to enhance your skills!

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