Gilding Supplies

Bring an extra touch of luxury and shine to your craft creations and artworks with gilding supplies and accessories. Whether you are highlighting small areas or covering larger plains, we have a collection of metal leaf from silver aluminium to copper and affordable imitation gold leaf. Gilding brings a wonderful metallic quality that works across a range of materials from canvas to wood.

Preparing the Gilding Surface

To prepare the surface for gilding it needs to be non-porous so that the gilding size doesn't soak into the surface too much. You may need to sand and/or seal the surface first and make sure it is clean, dry and free from dust before starting to gild.

Applying the Gilding Size

The gilding size is the adhesive that is used to stick the metal leaf to the prepared surface. We have both oil and acrylic gilding size available. Apply the size to the areas that you wish the gold leaf to adhere to. Then after 15-20 minutes or so the size will become tacky and is then ready for the leaf to be applied.

Transfer or Loose

When gilding it is best to wear cotton gloves to avoid getting fingerprints on the gilding. It is also wise to make sure windows are closed so that the metal leaf doesn't get blown around the room. If using the metal leaf transfers then you can place the leaf onto the surface, very gently rub and then peel away the backing paper to leave the leaf attached. Transfers tends to be better for larger and flatter areas of gilding. Loose leaf is more suited to smaller or more detailed areas and is applied carefully with a soft gilders brush.

Finishing & Sealing

Once the size is dry you can brush off the excess (if any) and make touch ups where required. Then it is time to protect the finished gilding by applying a shellac varnish, sealer or universal lacquer. This prevents damage and oxidisation.

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