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Canvas is believed by many to be the optimum support for oil and acrylic paintings but wooden painting boards and panels have their advantages. The painting boards are durable and offer a smooth yet rigid surface to paint on which can make life easier. The rigidity means that there can be less cracking in the painting. Many of the works from past centuries which have survived the longest were painted on wood panels and artists are now returning to the practice of using panels. Using art boards will mean that when your painting is finished, your work is ready to hang and does not need to be mounted or framed.

We have a variety of art boards for you here at Pegasus Art with artist painting boards suitable for a variety of media. If you work with watercolours then you should consider trying Ampersand's Aquaboard which is a new surface for watercolour painting. Aquaboard is an acid free textured clay surface backed by a hardboard support. Aquaboard absorbs watercolour paint like a good quality paper and enhances the vibrancy of your colours. The carefully evolved surface is compatible with watercolour techniques including glazing and lifting. You can also use Aquaboard for gouache paints, casein and acrylics.

Ampersand's Artist Panels are ingenious. They feel like canvas yet perform like a painting panel. The non-absorbent, ready to paint surface has a medium canvas texture and is fitted to a hand-made cradle support of birch plywood. These wood painting panels are suitable for oils, acrylics, collage and mixed media and provide archival quality, eco-friendly surfaces for artists.

Adam Patacki Painting Panels are beautifully made box frame panels with dovetail joints for extra stability. The panels are primed with an acrylic gesso primer and are suitable for use with both oils and acrylics. These high density fibre board panels have solid pine sub frames.

Panels have been used by artists for many centuries and now contemporary artists are rediscovering their many benefits. We are confident that you will find the perfect art boards for your work in our collection here at Pegasus Art.

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