Linen Canvas Fabric

Our linen canvas fabric is available by the roll or per metre depending on the amount of linen you require for your artwork. We stock both fine linen and medium linen textures so you can achieve smoother or rougher finishes in your canvas paintings.

Linen is made from a long stemmed plant called Flax which is then soaked in water so that the fibres can be separated and formed into the threads that become linen. These threads are woven so that you have the warp which are the straight threads and the weft which are the threads weaving through them.

Linen is a very durable fabric that is renowned for its quality and one of the most popular suppliers is Claessens who have been providing artists with linen fabric since 1906 from the same building in Belgium where the company started.

Primed or Unprimed Linen Canvas

The collection of linen canvas fabric is available primed - ready for those artists that want to get straight to the painting, and unprimed - for those artist that might want to prime the canvas themselves or are using the raw fabric.

The oil primed linen has a base coat plus two oil primed coats to give a wonderful surface ready for your oil paints. We also stock universal primed linen canvas that is perfect for acrylic or oil paintings, or even mixed media works.

Linen Canvas Rolls

If you are planning a series of paintings or a larger project then consider a 10 metre roll of the ready primed or unprimed linen so that you have plenty spare for extra canvases if required. The 10 metre rolls are 210cm or 83 inches wide which is a good size for most larger stretcher frames.

If you are looking for a traditional material for your canvases and the quality and durability that will make them last then linen canvas fabric is a great choice for your artwork. If you have any questions then feel free to contact us.

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