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NEW Cranfield Spectrum Acrylic Paint Selection Set 6x60ml

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NEW Spectrum Acrylic Paint Set of 6 x 60ml tubes

Spectrum Spectracryl Acrylic Paint - Excellent starter set with the crucial colours for mixing included.

Acrylic paint colours included: Spectrum Yellow, Spectrum Red, Alizarin Crimson Hue, French Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White

Spectrum Artists Quality Acrylics are made in the UK with artist grade pigments selected for their lightfast, non yellowing, non-fugitive quality. The pigments are dispersed in 100% acrylic resin to make popular paint colours in the full colour spectrum. Spectrum Artists Colours are formulated to give exceptional intensity and strength. * When dry, these colours do not crack under normal circumstances. * Spectrum acrylics, Spectracryl colours, are formulated to brush out easily yet retain their structure when built up impasto. * The acrylic paint dries to a low sheen. * Acrylic colours have strong covering ability * The acrylic colours may be thinned with water * The final finish can be adjusted by the use of mediums. * Spectracryl acrylic paints have excellent adhesive properties and may be applied to most prepared grounds.

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