Oil Paint Brushes

When choosing your brushes for oil painting it is worth considering whether you are painting with an impasto technique or using thinners or mediums for more fluid consistency. We have a selection of oil paint brushes available in various materials and sizes from leading brands such as Da Vinci, C Robertson and Pro Arte.

Hog bristle oil painting brushes are great for oil paints as they are resilient and firmer than other brushes, which makes them good for using with thicker paint. The stiffer hog bristles also have split at the end, which allows them to carry more paint. Hog bristle brushes usually come in larger sizes and are good for covering larger areas or building texture.

The sable oil painting brushes are made from high quality soft hair and are used for spreading colour thinly or needing control over detailing. They are also resilient and hold their shape well. The sable oil painting brushes are usually found in smaller sizes and also have more bounce than the sable brushes made for watercolour.

The synthetic oil painting brushes are great if you are starting out with oil painting or looking for brushes that will last a long time. Many of the synthetic brushes are also good for acrylic paint as well and so are a versatile option.

The variety of oil brushes includes a range of sizes from fine size 0 to large size 30. The sizes do vary between brands. If you have any questions about the oil painting brushes then feel free to contact our friendly team - we would be happy to help.

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