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Da Vinci Watercolour Brush Wooden Box Set - 4 Selected Brushes

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Da Vinci Watercolour Brush Set in a handy wooden box

One brush each of series 36 - No. 2, 488 - No. 2, 5530 - No. 6, 5880 - No 10

Series 36 is a red sable watercolour round brush with an extra fine tip for the detail.

Series 488 Spin-Synethic is a very smooth light brown synthetic fibre brush, ideal for area work, wash techniques and indian ink.

Series 5530 Cosmotop-Mix B watercolour brush has mixed natural hairs such as sable, squirrel and fitch combined with synthetic fibre for added water retention.

Series 5880 Cosmotop-Spin is a flat very smooth light brown Sprin synethic fibre brush for priming and wash techniques.

A foam rubber support holds the brushes when the box is closed keeping the brush hairs protected

Perfect drying of the wet hair is guaranteed by the air holes in the cover

Perfect drying of the wet hair is guaranteed by the airholes in the cover

A compact wooden box (walnut coloured) in a pleasing packaging, filled with four selected water colour brushes and one piece of brush soap.

Da Vinci Series 5280 WATER COLOUR BRUSH SET in a handy wooden box

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