Zig Artist & Graphic Pens

Zig is an outstanding range of writing and drawing tools from Kuretake a company founded in 1902 in Nara, Japan. The story began with the production of Japanese ink sticks and then Kuretake went on to develop several innovative writing implements including a sign pen and a brush pen called the Fude pen. Kuretake became enormously successful in Japan and then in 1986 established a base in England to serve their European clients.

The Pegasus Art range includes water soluble twin marker pens, sketching pens and a variety of fine calligraphy pens from Zig. The water soluble markers pens are ideal for both professional artists and keen crafters. The pens are in sets of two featuring a rubber brush pen and a round nib pen. You can use the pens with the water brush to create limitless watercolour style works and they are also perfect for working onto rubber stamps. The rubber brush bib won’t leave fibres on the stamps and the tips will not split as you will find with many markers. Use them to create fabulous cards, for crafting or for painting and sketching. The pens are available in your choice of 80 colours or in sets of 12 assorted bright or muted colours.

The Zig alcohol based fine line sketching pens allow the creation of lively sketches and are very quick drying. They permit colour overlay without blurring or running. Sketching pens are available in black and sepia. The calligraphy pens we feature are from the Zig Memory System range. They are water based, photo safe, acid free and archival quality. They are also odourless, lightfast, non-bleeding and fade proof. You can take advantage of their unique blending qualities to create wonderful lettering styles and beautiful motifs to complete your projects. The twin tip pens are available in 24 colours and also in blending collections of 3 shades. These are the Cool collection of blues, the Elegance collection of violets, the Flush collection of greens and the Heart Collection of pinks.

You will find plenty to please in the Zig pens range. If you have any questions about this range then please contact our expert team of artists who will be happy to help you make the right choice.

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