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Bockingford paper is a St Cuthbert's Mill brand. St Cuthbert's Mill are master papermakers who have been producing high quality artists papers on the same site since the 18th century and who use one of the few remaining cylinder mould machines still operating in the world today.

St Cuthbert's Mill's passionate master craftsmen use skills passed down through the generations and have a detailed understanding of the science of paper and how even the smallest details can affect the finished products. Only pure raw ingredients are utilised and these are sourced for their cleanliness and performance. The naturally filtered local water is also a great benefit to the process. The results are beautiful archival quality Bockingford papers that you can really trust and enjoy.

At Pegasus Art we are delighted to offer you the exceptional Bockingford watercolour papers, paper blocks, Fat Pads and spiral Fat Pads. This stunning English watercolour paper possesses a highly attractive surface created using natural woollen felts to create a distinctive random texture. The paper is notable for its first class colour lifting abilities and it's affordable price. The range features papers, block and pads of different sizes to suit your needs. You will also find sketchpads and inkjet paper in the range.

Please note that sheet papers from Pegasus Art are subject to minimum order quantities. These are explained in the product listings and it is possible to mix and match many of our papers to achieve the required order quantities. If you have any questions about Bockingford paper or any of the papers here at Pegasus Art then please do contact our friendly team who are always on hand to ensure that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

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